Fear here I come…

Dear Readers,

This is my first major attempt at Blogging.  I tried a few times via Myspace & Facebook, but with so much already going on in both social-networking sites…it’s hard to get the response I was looking for.  Although, on Myspace I had alot of subscribers and interactive readers, but as with all cycles, all good things come to an end (meaning: Myspace being on top of social-networking.)

I have been extremely passionate about writing and photography since age 7.  I developed my skills in both areas over the years and increased my talent over time.  I became an exceptional writer through lots of practice and an immeasurable amount of studying.  So exceptional, that I scored advance and perfect scores in writing & reading comprehension my senior year of High School.  Upon entering college I tested into English Honors classes with perfect scores in both categories of writing and reading comprehension.

Throughout my second year of taking Photography in high school, I almost gave up on my passion for fear of not having “a gifted eye.”  But towards the middle of the year my work had improved immensely and with time I began to enter various works in a variety of competitions.  To my surprise I won first in districts and second in state in the VICA Skills Competition.  I was invited back to compete for a page in their magazine and won first place.  It was an amazing feeling and an impressive achievement.

I titled this post “Fear here I come…” because I have always been afraid to take a chance on my dream of becoming a writer and a photographer.  I have clung too easily to the familiarity and comfort of my night club job.  An industry in which I know all the rules and ways to play the game in order to get the income I need to support myself.  And yet no room for or indication of any future growth.  I am what people like to call “stuck.”

You know the feeling…when you aren’t going anywhere fast and things seem to be getting better, but are only getting worse.  You know the times where you keep holding on to something because you believe they’re finally going to realize your worth.  But come the end of the day, you’re still in the same spot.  I have been working the same job for the past four years, as a Cashier and Event Planner for various DC night clubs.

I’m 23 and a half and have not made any progress in the direction of my dream career path for fear of failure.  I’m not getting any younger and being 23 years old and stuck in the same place I was when I was 18, is highly frustrating.  I love the night life and industry in which I work in.  But I am wasting away the days in which I could be making an impact in my dream industry.

This year I decided to stop being so afraid and take more chances, even if I fail or make mistakes.  I registered for Spring Semester of this year and finally got back into college.  I enrolled in an “Introduction to Business” class and an “Introduction to Photography” class to rekindle my passion in both school and my dream for my future.  I created a few various social networking accounts to support and promote myself and my free-lance work in writing and photography, until I could start my own company.  The social networks that I chose to promote myself through were Twitter, Facebook, and WordPress.

I chose Twitter because one of my highly gifted friends, Nick (@Six6DC),  in the technological world recommended it to me because he thought it would help me to improve my numbers for night club promotions.  Through interacting with him on my twitter account, he opened up my world to possibly branching out and promoting my photography.  Or at least improving my Photography by learning from professionals and others in the photography industry.  He also suggested taking advantage of the various websites and tutorials offered.  (Personal: http://www.twitter.com/DCKitty18;  Photography & Writing: http://www.twitter.com/ODonnellKM; & Club Promotion: http://www.twitter.com/Katie_DCKitty)

As for Facebook, I decided to use it because it became the next Myspace.  It became so huge that it made Myspace almost equivalent to that of a ghost town.  My network on Facebook was already incredibly impressive, so I decided to take advantage of it and use my main Facebook account to promote my photography account.  While at the same time building up my site through my experience and drawing attention to it through self-promotion through other various mediums.

As for Blogging I had always been curious about blogging, but I never subscribed to a site and fully committed myself.  Other than through my Myspace account: http://www.myspace.com/DCKitty18.  I’ve attempted to blog and share my writing on both my personal facebook and my photography facebook but since there is so much going on in Facebook it is hard to generate the type of response and following I was looking for.  So I decided to seek out guidance for blogging.  WordPress is one of the companies I heard the most things about, it came highly recommended.  So I decided to take a chance and see where my Blog on WordPress could lead me.

I am hoping that this Blog will open up new doors and windows of opportunity for advancing and improving my future.  I am determined to maximize my potential and achieve my dreams in any way possible.

Wish me luck and give me feedback, because fear here I come!

—Enjoy Monique “Katie” O’Donnell

About DCKitty18

Aspiring Writer & Photographer, currently pursuing my dream of my own business. Add my personal page on Facebook: www.facebook.com/DCKitty or you can also find my pictures & writing on Facebook: www.facebook.com/PassionateFocus.MKO or see more of my photography at: www.flickr.com/PassionateFocus_MKO
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3 Responses to Fear here I come…

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  2. bernatd West says:

    I wanted to be the first to write and tell
    you I pray your hopes and dreams manifest
    Themselves in ways you never imagined. I
    Respect a woman that jumps into the deep end with her
    Heart on her sleeve, ready for anything. Fear not
    Ms. Monique, you are a queen already, you just need
    Your crown, and you will get it soon. Best of luck, I will be

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