Barren walls with time…do change

One night, I laid awake very late at night, in deep thought, and as I stared about the apartment I came to the following realization:

Sometimes when you come into people’s lives, they are often emptier than you realize
& for some reason or grand design you were chosen to touch or make a difference in their life.

"Barren Walls"

(image courtesy of Google)

And with time you slowly realize not only are you changing their lives, but they are also changing yours. Having an immense effect or difference…you realize that like your 1st apartment, your life slowly takes on a personality of its own, as it is shaped & developed by your interactions, life-changing lessons, & experiences…you learn that your apartment (LIFE) walls, which were once barren and plain, containing no personality, have overtime begun to take shape and change. Once barren walls are now painted and contain various works of art and framed moments throughout your life. It is then you realize your apartment (LIFE) is truly turning into a home, “your home.” (a life with something to live for) You learn that with time you come to realize your self worth & what you truly have to offer…

Just something to contemplate, Monique “Katie” O’Donnell

(I ask you this, Do you know your self-worth? And what you truly have to offer?)

(image courtesy of Google)

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