Mmm…sounds nice right about now


I wrote this late one night last year. I love to stay up late alone and often get lost in my own thoughts this is what crossed my mind July 29th 2010:

Candles lit…flickering as the night slowly passes…laying in your arms in a big comfy bed w/ lots of pillows…listening to love & slow jams…as you melt my cares away w/ the touch of your finger tips…& the seduction of your lips.  It sounds like a taste of heaven, right about now…-M.K.O

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Aspiring Writer & Photographer, currently pursuing my dream of my own business. Add my personal page on Facebook: or you can also find my pictures & writing on Facebook: or see more of my photography at:
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One Response to Mmm…sounds nice right about now

  1. MoonsKnight says:

    Mmm that does sound soo nice… Have I ever told you that you’re amazing?

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