8 million years later…FINALLY bought my MacBook Pro…possibilities are endless


I know half of you reading are in shock because I’ve been researching laptops for quite some time now.  I bugged and bombarded people for months with questions and inqueries about Apple laptops versus other various brands.  No matter how much I tried purchasing a cheaper model from one of their competitors I kept feeling disatisfied.  Everytime I built up or added on to each model the price came closer and closer to that of an MacBook.  It felt hopeless.  So I decided to go for the best and most recommended for my career and major, a MacBook.  As I saved up more and more money each week to purchase my dream laptop, I continued to research my choices in specifications.  I asked so many people, you would’ve thought I was taking a census. 
So months later my Aunt finally helped me finance my MacBook Pro on Wednesday.  It has been a dream of mine since Middle School or High School.  I had originally wanted a laptop because it was more convenient to use to type up my writing and papers for school versus writing things down on paper, or in a journal.  Also by typing it in one attempt versus writing then typing it up afterward saved time. Plus, internet was at your fingertips no matter what your location.  I also took pride in the inspiration that with a laptop at your fingertips the possibilities are endless.

I don’t know what it is about a laptop but it’s the perfect medium to express myself through.  Not only am I excited because I can finally organize my immense writing collection but it also encourages me to write more.  I’m excited about my laptop as well because now I can focus on pursuing my dreams more impetuously.  I just believe owning a laptop will help me open and unlock more doors and opportunities in the future.

I want to work on designing and writing my own greeting cards or entering competitions.  I want to organize my writing collection.  I would like to write more old fashion correspondance versus writing an e-mail.  I want to explore the various outlets I can pursue to achieve my dream.  Be it writing articles as a free-lance writer, to working for a branch of the media, or possibly even doing non-profit or working solely for experience.  The possibilities are endless. 

Also in case I never mentioned it I’ve always wanted to own my own own photography and greeting card company.  As long as I can combine both my passions, I’m happy.  So I’m pushing hard for those dreams. 

I also see my laptop as an opportunity to excel and broaden my horizons in my current job field, as far as promotion and networking is concerned.  There is a lot I want to accomplish and I believe the best way is to put yourself out there and promote yourself and your words in as many ways as you can.  I’m hoping someone will take a liking to my passion and maybe take a chance on me which I hope would lead to my dreams.

Well it’s time for bed, I’m falling asleep typing…Good Night everyone.  And Good Morning to those just beginning theirs…
Love Katie

About DCKitty18

Aspiring Writer & Photographer, currently pursuing my dream of my own business. Add my personal page on Facebook: www.facebook.com/DCKitty or you can also find my pictures & writing on Facebook: www.facebook.com/PassionateFocus.MKO or see more of my photography at: www.flickr.com/PassionateFocus_MKO
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