All anyone needs is a chance to prove themselves…

People want so much more out of life than the chances or opportunities that are given.  I’m not talking about opportunities missed everyday, but more so opportunities in the career field.  I don’t know if it’s a preconceived notion or even just stereotyping, but I believe people do not give hardworking and dedicated individuals a chance to prove themselves.  To really color outside the lines and take chances on their ideas and dreams or however the individual has envisioned improving everyday performance in the company.  I don’t believe enough managerial departments take a chance on their foundation.  The very legs the company has stood on for years.  Sometimes I feel like the best candidates for the job at hand are overlooked. Do me a favor if you own a company look at your employees that have been there the longest in each department.  Look at how many after hours they put in (be it overtime or time past their usual clock out time).  Look at how much free time they put into the job.  Then look at who is always there for you when you need them the most.  Then think about who always saves the day in one way or another.  They are the ones who have been with the company through hell or high water and they are the ones who will bust their ass to make your company better or excel in the future.

Yes, no one was there when it all began and foundation begins with the dreamers, investors, business owners, managers, etc.  But sometimes I wonder if managerial departments get so use to a worker being specialized in a certain field that they become blind or ignorant to the worker’s other talents and dynamics.  I believe if each worker was either given better direction or more appreciated it would encourage excitement, passion, and more hardwork.

A wise man once said when no one is worried about the credit anything can be accomplished and the possibilities are endless.

I believe the same is true for workers if you take good care of them and encourage growth and progress, they will bust their butt for you.  The fruits of those labors will be bountiful.  But are you willing to take a chance?

Just a thought before bed…night
Love Katie

(What inspired this: I overlooked one of my co-workers when contemplating who would be a good candidate to run front door at the club I work for.  When I thought about it I understood why managers overlooked him but I believe he can prove himself and maybe raise a few eyebrows in a good way…he’s amazing behind the scenes wonder what he could do center stage.)

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