Work Smarter, NOT Harder (watermark lesson for my photography)

After a tedious night of working on my friend’s wedding photos, I decided to take a break and search for a tutorial to make my work easier.  I’m so picky that I was individually adding watermark to each picture in different colors and sizes.    After going through hell I succumbed and was desperate for a tutorial for watermarks.  Even just a simple one to make my watermark a little more pleasing to the eye.  After the tutorial I created the water mark for my dream company but I cannot use it until I register my business name.  But I wanted to share this guy’s website because he seems full of great insight:

Thanks for the tutorial!  It was extremely helpful and got the creative juices flowing.

Love Katie

About DCKitty18

Aspiring Writer & Photographer, currently pursuing my dream of my own business. Add my personal page on Facebook: or you can also find my pictures & writing on Facebook: or see more of my photography at:
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One Response to Work Smarter, NOT Harder (watermark lesson for my photography)

  1. Jsmooth4ever says:

    Interesting looks like I will be begging you for watermarks with my comicbook images and you know I will even though Michael will have it covered I am talking about for future website references especially for your role in my comicbook ^.~ much love J.

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