Call me a kid…or an old lady. It’s your choice.

In case you know nothing about me,  I love to stay up as late and as long as possible.  I am 23 years old and there is still something that excites me about making the most of every minute of night time until first light when dawn breaks.  I don’t know what it is that excites me so, but ever since I was little there was just something magical about night time.  It always lasted for so long, it almost always seemed endless.  Night time growing up was like a sanctuary from the world and life itself.  When night time came around, most people were asleep early because of work, responsibilities, or just because they were getting older.  So I grew up eager for night time and its endless possibilities.

I use to stay up late getting lost for hours on the computer, or in a good book, or even busy scrapbooking, or lost in other creative endeavors.  I used my nights to catch up on new movies as well as replay old ones.  I would often use night time as time to unwind, a place I could escape to where no one else would bother me or be constantly nagging me as most grown-ups do to kids growing up.  When night time fell, it always felt as if life was in slow motion.  I spent countless nights exploring my passion for writing and photography.  I strongly believe my passion for both is stronger because of the amount of time I put into my endeavors each night.

I will be 24 years old in January and I still LOVE staying up late and being more active during night time hours versus daytime hours.  I still feel as if time isn’t as rushed or cut short.  I’m currently writing in my journal and I’m listening to Disney songs.  I don’t know why but I was in the mood to hear some songs from the various movies.  Sometimes they create a sense of euphoria for me which in turn prevokes and inspires random thoughts.  I was the type of kid who grew up listening to an ecclectic selection of music to go sleep to or as a soundtrack for whatever aspect of my life from exciting to mundane.  I was one of those creative types in school who leaned towards music, foreign language, sports, and whatever clubs I could jam into my already busy schedule.  I forget the word for those types but that was me.

Call me a kid but I love my Disney Songs and you can call me an old lady because I have an appreciation for oldies and ballroom music because of my grandparents, aunts, and uncles raising me.

I originally said call me an old lady because I stayed up til 10AM after working at Lima Night Club to work on my friend’s wedding pictures, but as I became more and more sleep deprived my body began to ache like never before.  Starting to feel the effects of weird sleep hours and minimal sleep.  But still not ready to surrender my nights.  I love staying up late too much.  But eventually I will have to surrender them to my dreams to pursue a day job.

Alot of people consider my thinking childish or naive.  But sometimes I wonder if my thinking is sometimes ahead of the ones making these comments.  I strongly believe my mind is more open than theirs, thus in turn making me appear childish because I have not come to the same conclusions as most adults in society.  Sometimes I wonder if that makes people call me a kid.

It’s ironic because growing up I had wisdom beyond my years and grown-ups couldn’t comprehend the full range of my comprehension.  They just assumed I thought like the typical kid, when in fact at an extremely young age I was educated in ways you aren’t educated in until you experience the world as you grow older.  I believe for the most part this is because of the strong adult influence and honesty I was raised around in my life growing up.  Most adults would be surprised by what thoughts or conclusions would exit from my mouth because I sounded alot older than I was.  In their eyes they were shocked and confused because contrary to popular belief I sounded as if I understood more than society believed children truly could comprehend at my age.  The disbelievers would brush the idea off as quickly as it crossed their mind and assume it was just their mind trying to make it true versus actual comprehension.  While every once in awhile you get the eccentric or unique adults that despite how much they have grown-up or have been influenced by society, they still keep their minds open to the unknown.  These adults open their minds to the possibility children may understand more than originally assumed and once open and willing to listen they are surprised to hear what these children have to say.

Like the famous quote:

“There is an exception to EVERY rule.” -Unknown

But even that can be argued, we will leave that for another post!  😉

Regardless of what anyone thinks I am who I am.  In many ways I am wise while in others I still am nieve and need to learn and grow.  Any person has this dilemma.  What is expertise to one is unknown territory to others, etc.  Bottom line it’s all your opinion and what you believe and in the end what you like, that matters.

Sorry to leave you so abruptly but I’m falling asleep typing this up on my cell phone.

Good Night Everyone,

Love Katie

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