My Aunt Colleen is a Savior and a Godsend…

Now, hopefully faster than you think it, I’ll beat you to your first thought…NO! I’m not sucking up!  I am genuinely blessed because she helps me with everything and in every possible way a person could be helped.  Her act of kindness today was a surprise gift of Microsoft Office (Mac Edition) and Norton Internet Security (Mac Edition).  Two purchases I was dreading to add on to my already medium sized mountain of debt made up of IRS back taxes, MacBook Pro Laptop, and other miscellaneous bills.

Upon purchasing my MacBook Pro I forgot all about the pure and simple fact that I have a Sony Vaio Desktop and a MacBook Pro Laptop.  I have no idea why, but somewhere in the excitement it slipped my mind!  So all my programs need to be Mac compatible.  Which put a pause on my Photoshop editing away from home.  But I’m saving and budgeting to pay off all my debts and also so that I can purchase both my necessities and my luxuries.  That is why by my Aunt Colleen purchasing two programs I needed most it was a Godsend.

After I eagerly installed both programs, I immediately began using my Microsoft office.  It was like giving a writer their first pen and paper or better yet their first journal.  That describes how excited I was to utilize the program.  I think the best part was that I no longer had to type in the Mac’s version of notepad.  The no zoom on font was killing me.  I had to make all fonts bigger because the small print was killing my eyes.  I may have great eyesight for seeing up close, but the Mac font size 12 was killing my eyes when there is no zoom in the program.  It looked like a clause on a contract, like reading the fine-print.  It was so frustrating but those days are over thank God.

Small blessings often help me out immensely.  She even blessed me last Christmas with my Aunt Kerry and Uncle Sean when they all chipped in on my Christmas gift.  They bought me Photoshop CS4 so that I could maximize my potential and my dreams.  They helped with the tools and now it is my job to build my future.

Just wanted to share my excitement and also to publicly say thank you,

Love Katie

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