Inspired to start my first blog because of the story of “Julie & Julia”

Dear Reader,

You can be anywhere when your dreams start taking shape and manifesting.  My first time watching the movie “Julie & Julia” I was inspired by the main character Julie, to take chances in my own life.  She inspired me to get in touch with my passion for writing and start blogging.

Julie showed that through your passion you can decipher life and show the world what it’s like through your eyes and the power of blogging and the written word.  The more I post on my blog each week, the closer I find myself to achieving my dreams.  I check my reader stats everyday and I am extremely excited to see the number of readers going up day by day. The more I post and the more readers I see, encourages and excites me to post more and work even harder.  One of the reasons I decided to start writing a blog was to encourage my writing and to slowly take steps towards my dreams.  I also wanted a way to get more people in touch with my writing.  I originally started posting on Myspace and Facebook, but with so much going on in both social networks it was hard to get the following I was looking for.  I’ve always wanted to start a blog but I was always overwhelmed by all the choices I had to choose from.  Which is why I was reluctant towards starting my first blog.  I guess you could say that’s why I stalled for so long.  I like to research my options and make the best educated decision.  I hate to make mis-informed decisions because they often lead to mistakes,  regrets, and wasted time.

In the movie “Julie & Julia” Meryl Streep reminded me alot of my Grandmother who raised me.  She passed away in August of 2007.  When the movie begins there is emphasis on the packed moving boxes, especially the packed box of cookbooks.  I can relate to this because the first real boxes I had to move and first property I owned were my books and my cookbooks.  My books were my pride and joys because of the emphasis my Grandmother put on cooking growing up.  It was one of her biggest passions.  So all throughout this movie, I am constantly reminded of her through Meryl Streep playing Julia.

The first time I heard about the movie, I wanted to try to read the book beforehand.  But I just couldn’t wait!  I’m really happy I didn’t wait because it has inspired a few changes in my life.

Like Julia, I want to make life better and constantly help others.  You cannot do so, until you help yourself.  In the beginning of the movie Julie’s friends were obviously nauseatingly successful.  This bothered Julie, not so much because of jealousy but moreso because she felt as if she hit a rut in her life.  She felt she was going nowhere fast.  It got so bad, that her friend surprised her by writing an excerpt about her in a book that she was writing to get published.  An excerpt that turned out to only remind Julie of her past successes and how much of a failure she has become since then.  Thus only reminding her and reiterating what she has already realized herself since her last successful moment in her life.  Except this time, the realization was publicized.

This public insult encourages and lights a fire under Julie that inspires her to write a blog. She continues to determine what topic she should write about in her blog. This is where I couldn’t make up my mind for mine. I couldn’t decide on one topic to write about. So, I decided to blog about whatever my heart says.

My blog is an attempt to put myself and my words out there to be heard. I’m hoping it’ll be good practice for writing for a newspaper one day and if not, at least I’m strengthening my writing skills. In my blog I love to write about whatever crosses my mind from thoughts and poems to articles, research papers, or random information, and inspiration. I want people to know the “me” not too many people get to hear or see. Who I am inside and what crosses my mind. I’m curious as to what doors it’ll open, or what encounters and interactions I will experience. I hope to change at least one person’s life or make a difference. Maybe even inspire someone or prevoke thoughts or writing. Who knows where my words will take me. Possibilities are endless. I truly believe nothing is impossible.

I love how in the movie Julie shares her thoughts, feelings, revelations, and struggles through her blog. It’s a genius idea. This is what truly inspired me to take my first step in writing mine, to finally take a chance. She put herself out there for the world to judge her.

She encountered many skeptics but never let them discourage her. Julie even received a call from her Mom questioning her blog. Watching this movie again, now I find it funny because my family questioned my blog the same way. So that, in my opinion, is a sign I’m on the right track. The second indication I’m on the right track is that I shared the mutual feeling that I was writing out into an abyss. I was just as curious about my readers as Julie was about hers. I guess it is a common affliction that comes with writing a blog.

I also found it highly impressive that Julie made it to “#3 in the topic of most popular blog” on I could only hope to achieve a similar form of success. Well, my eyes are getting tired so I think it’s time to get some sleep.

Pray for me and keep reading,
Love & Sweet Dreams Katie

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