For my little brother…a letter I found that I wrote to him when he asked me “Why does life f*** up, when you just figured everything out?”

Dear Readers,

Last night I found a letter I wrote to my little brother back in October of 2008.  He came over late one night seeking my advice and asked me “Why does life f*** up, when you just figured everything out?”  My response  to my not so little brother was:

Josh, my little bro Christmas of 2007

Dear Josh,

That’s  life…that’s how you know you’re making the right decisions and you’re on the right path…God  loves  to switch up the playing field and make you work for what you want.   If life were easy it wouldn’t be half the journey or twice the amount of fun.  Who wants a straight perfectly paved road?  The potholes  and unexpected bumps or twists and turns is what makes life interesting.  Sometimes not knowing what you’ll encounter along your journey is the beauty of it.
The problems or situations you overcome and conquer are what makes you stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally.  You won’t reap the rewards unless you put in the hard work or effort.  Nobody who is happy ……is completely lazy….you best believe they had to fight for what happiness came to them.
You know what keeps me fighting with the man in my life (my boyfriend) or the dreams in my heart??? …..PAPA (my grandfather)  He told me if you love something YOU FIGHT FOR IT!   GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT!!!   FIGHT FOR THE THINGS YOU WANT AND LOVE!!!  And if you want something you stop at nothing until you get it!

Another man once gave me the second part….if you fight and give it all your heart….and you have nothing left….then no one  can EVER  say you failed!


That’s when you must let go…if it’s meant to be you must have faith in yourself and in your abilities that you have proven yourself, your voice, and heart wholeheartedly.  If it’s meant to be it’ll work…if not…then take the blessing for what it was.  At it’s best and leave the worst behind.  Sometimes the universe makes an executive decision for you.  It may seem like you’re losing alot, when in reality you are gaining more in the long run.  This decision or loss is best for your future.

You wanna know why I still go places even though I’m late???  Because  it’s better late than never.  It’s better to have been there than to wonder the rest of your life if you hadn’t gone or accomplished anything!  I don’t want to wonder!  I can deal with the anger and grudges or disappointment in me at the moment!  What I can’t deal with is the regret of never going….and the constant wondering that insues.  That’s one reason I don’t run from problems.  I take the brut force of the situation.  And sure, silence may becom
e me but at the same time I’m working on it internally and trying to figure it out within my mind and heart.

In the end it is what you CAN live with?  What would you regret doing?  or NO T DOING???   That is the question we face each day and with each moment.

Love your Big Sis XoXo                                                                            
(my little cousin/sister Ashley & I at Christmas 2008)
Even though it’s been a few years since I wrote that note, I believe the words still have an effect to this day.  So I wanted to share them with whoever stumbles across my blog.  Hope you enjoyed them.  Have a good morning!
I’m going to sleep,
Love Katie

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