Sometimes it’s hard to thank someone enough…


Sometimes in life it is hard to thank someone enough be it for their act of kindness, their helping hand, or a good deed when you honestly needed it most.  Sometimes a person is there for you in the most profound way when you thought things couldn’t possibly get better.  Sometimes even just an ear to listen is all we need.  Sometimes we cannot put into words how much an act of kindness or act of the heart has meant to us. Or changed our lives or even made our days better.  Sometimes tears of joy and a tight embrace is the only way we can express our gratitude.  Sometimes we try to repay or express our gratitude our whole lifes, but it is impossible to do so.  While other times we live our whole lives never being able to thank someone or explain or put into words what their act meant to you.

Sometimes we worry and struggle so much in life that it is sometimes hard to keep your head up or even keep the faith.  But every once in awhile, when we least expect it, and sometimes when we need it most or more than we know…someone, somewhere gives us hope.  Someone lifts us up or helps us in some profound way.  When they do so, it is sometimes harder to express our gratitude.

I have had various things happen to me recently in life, that are easy to get angry at.  But with the help of friends and family, things aren’t as bad as they could’ve been.  Like they say sometimes you can’t help what happens to you, but you can help how you respond to it.  Or who you let in, or to help you when you’re down or when things are at their worst. Sometimes bad things happen to us in life to turn our lives around. Sometimes these bad things act as a wake-up call or introduce new people or relationships into your life that you never knew you needed before. Sometimes what you think you need and what you truly need are two different things.

Sometimes we are harder on ourselves than we actually need to be.  We believe we brought things upon ourselves, we believe we deserve bad times or bad luck, or we swear things won’t get better or change.  But with a little love or kindness from a stranger, a friend, a co-worker, or even a family member we can change the way we perceive things.  With a little help or even a small attitude change we can accomplish what we thought was impossible or unachievable. 

People that help you never realize the magnitude of their act of kindness.  Sometimes these angels never truly know how bad things were for you before they came along or how low your life was at that point in time.  And sometimes all you need in life is one act of kindness to turn your life around.  Be it a single moment or even repeatitively thoughout your life.  They in a way save your life and sometimes they’ll never know.

Just a late night thought.  I am thankful for all the help I have received recently when I needed it most.  Sometimes I question whether I could make it through without the angels along the way.  You never know how much you mean to someone and sometimes they don’t know how to express it.  Just keep this in mind…

Sweet Dreams
Love Katie XoXo


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