Guide Me To Your Direct Line

Dear Readers,

I have been extremely tired lately due to playing catch up with a lot of unfinished business.  So, I’ve been thinking…November is about remembering and thanking God for your blessings.  So, I wanted to revisit some things I wrote a little while ago, but never shared with the public.  I have learned a lot since I wrote these words:

Guide Me To Your Direct Line

8.22.10…I wish I knew what was wrong…I only wish I could take the pain or sadness away because it’s looming overhead like a dark cloud about to storm.  I try so hard to get through to you and sometimes I can’t find the right connection.  Please guide me to your direct line like a lighthouse guiding home a ship with its beacon.  I wish I could communicate my emotions and thoughts better than I have been.  But I don’t know how to find my way through the unknown other than stumbling clumsily.  My love for you may be beyond your comprehension but I am trying my hardest to teach you the language of my heart and soul.  All I want to do is study the language of your heart and unlock your encrypted ways.  But I cannot unlock what you refuse to open up to me.  Please teach me instead of getting angry.  That is all I ask of you.  -M.K.O.

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