I’ve come to realize as I lay awake in my bed…that eventually what every woman wants is to love and be loved in return. Someone she can be with who can love and appreciate her.  Sometimes all we look for is someone we can be ourselves with and someone we can let our guard down with.  Whether we make it official by calling it a relationship or keeping it a secret as friends.  Sometimes all we want is to feel loved and cared about…and I truly believe if even, only as friends and nothing more.

I’ve heard it from both men and women.  People who are gay and straight.  I’ve even heard it from the promiscuous women and the player types.  Or those who say they’ll never get married or don’t want children.  At some point you stop and wonder what it’s like or how nice it would feel for a change.  For some it doesn’t have to be permanent as long as they feel like they’re loved for a little bit.  Then that taste is enough to suffice for the time being.  But like all addictions the feeling comes back.  Your back to nights when your body is finally relaxed, laying awake contemplating what it’d be like to love or feel loved once again.

Just something I contemplate everytime I hear a woman talk about a new man/woman in her life or their current or past relationships.  Something I contemplate everytime I hear someone question their past loves, their current ones, and hear the way they talk about what they want from the future ones…or eventually just from that “one.”

Women and men just want to be happy and eventually they find what they deserve…if even only for a little while.  The taste suffices until they can quench their thirst.

Time to rest these pretty brown eyes…sweet dreams
Love Katie

(Little does my friend know L.W. but you were my inspiration for this post.  You texted me at 5AM one late night after I got off work and asked me why men do women wrong?  Why men treat women the way they do?  You asked me why you couldn’t find love?  You also asked me what was wrong with you?  And so many other endless questions.  My love there is nothing wrong with you mama….you just haven’t found the man meant for you.  Trust me it takes alot of wrong ones and broken roads to find your North Star.  You will know it when you find him no matter where you’re at in your life, you will know, and it will haunt you until you listen to your heart.  He will fight for you just as hard as you fight for him and he will not make you cry, at least not as much as all the others….and he will see you in ways you only imagined or dreamed.  I promise you.  I love you and I am always here for you bestie)

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2 Responses to Eventually…

  1. John Haviland says:

    i agree completely with you about that. All that anybody really wants is to feel loved, and to have someone to love.

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