At this moment…

At this moment it’s almost 7AM,  I’m just now getting home from work.  I helped a friend out and then went to breakfast.  All in all a good night…aside from getting lost on a detour because of a road closing.  It’s funny because lately everything has always seemed rush, rush, rush…but when it comes down to it and you decide you’re so pissed off at one aspect of your life that that very same attitude trickles into other aspects.  And you to come to a realization and you ask yourself “why are you always rushing?,  And why can’t today be different than usual?” 

I didn’t start off my night saying I don’t care, or where ever my night leads me…only time will tell.  But it ended up like that…and sometimes nights like tonight are a welcome surprise in the monotonous routine of daily life…

Sweet dreams I’m exhausted….
Love Katie

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