Fear and Failure…Where Will Your Potential Take You?

Fear paralyzes even the strongest of individuals.  Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear to try something new or out of your comfort zone, fear to be completely honest with yourself or others, fear to take a chance, or change your mind and your path in life.  Fear is one of the most paralyzing emotions that we experience in our everyday lives.  Sometimes it can touch us once and leave us forever paralyzed or reminiscent. People are often so afraid to take a chance because they often want a guarantee, but nothing is guaranteed in life.  Their current situation works only because it’s feasible and they’re accustomed to it.  But what if I said your life would change for the better if you took a chance.  It is better to try than to waste time by regretting or wondering for the rest of your life.  Sometimes what we are most afraid of isn’t as big of a deal or as hard as we often make it out to be.  Sometimes out of fear we cause ourselves more frustration or stress than is really necessary.  The longer we avoid it the bigger it becomes, and the harder it is to conquer and overcome.  The fear can consume your life and take control of or effect your everyday choices.  Fear causes us to miss out on a lot of moments and opportunities in life.  Ask yourself, in the end is it worth missing out?

Believe it or not failure can be a good thing.  It brings our attention to that which we want or desire most.  It inspires and encourages change.  Sometimes we can stumble or fall because of it but it teaches us to get back up and try again.  If we hadn’t tried to conquer our fears we wouldn’t be where we are today.  To get to where you are currently at in your life now, you had to conquer some form of fear.  Don’t tell me “No” because I can name multiple moments just in your childhood alone when you were afraid of simple things that seemed so overwhelming, simply because you were afraid.  I know things are different as adults but sometimes we need to remember that even though we are afraid, we are often afraid of the smallest things.  Nothing is impossible.  Believe in yourself and in your ability to overcome your fear.  You never know what is just around the corner or what is awaiting you on your path in life if you just take a chance.

We’re all afraid of failure.  You’re not human unless you possess fear.  Most humans are actually afraid of the unknown.  Everyone wants to know what will happen, what the future holds, or what the best path in life is.  Everyone wants to know the good but fears the bad or the path, choices, and decisions to get to the good.  Fear teaches us to be cautious of the unknown.  But why do we let fear limit us?  And what are we missing out on in life because of our fears?

One of my biggest fears is taking a chance on a new day job.  I have the biggest problem with waking up early in the morning.  I wake-up to alarm clocks but once in awhile I have the ability to sleep through my alarm.  My fear is losing a dream job because of my failure to get up on time.  I know I am capable, hard working, determined, and a very dynamic individual but my only fault is not being able to wake up on time.  I have a tendency to do well but every once in awhile I miss my wake-up alarm and oversleep.  My fear is that I will get connected to a job through my family or a friend of the family and that I’ll fail to wake-up on time just once.  I fear losing a dream job or an incredible day job because of my inability.  I don’t want to be jumping from job to job or have my inability to wake-up once in a blue moon be the only reflection of me and who I am as a person.  It may sound silly but it’s true.  My other fear is to pursue a job that is not even related to my desired career field.  I fear getting stuck at a day job unrelated to my field because I’m worried about wasting more time than I already have, I’m not getting any younger.  Now as I sit here writing this, I am starting to realize how silly my last statement is.  I know I am not currently working in my career field other than doing random jobs as a free-lance photographer but I am just afraid I will not have as much time to focus on or pursue my photography.

If you spend every waking day being afraid of failure you will never learn your true potential.  Most people wait until they are forced to make a change but it always better to act on your own accord instead of being forced into it by a drastic change in your circumstances.

Fear forces you to challenge yourself and your current direction or path in life.  Fear is one petrifying emotion but you have to ask yourself if you’re always afraid, will you ever realize your true potential?  Can you maximize your potential, your circumstances, or your life without facing your fears and possible failure?  Everyone is afraid of something but it is the ones who accept their fears and challenge them that make the difference.  The ones who courageously face their fears and either conquer them or don’t give up until they do so.  Do you honestly believe you can get anything you want, dream of, or desire without facing your fears?  Everyone is afraid at some point or another in time.  Don’t forget that everyone is new or was new and inexperienced at some point in time.  The first step is admitting and realizing your fears, while attempting to overcome them.  As long as you keep moving forward in your battle against fear, that’s all that matters.  Sometimes failure will set you back, but you cannot be afraid of moving forward.  You cannot be afraid of taking chances or achieving what you desire and deserve.

People cling too easily to the familiarity and comfort of their everyday lives and what they’re use to, that they fight so hard to keep it from changing.  If they put half as much effort into conquering their fears, they might be surprised of what they can accomplish or change.  If you freed your mind and allowed yourself to keep an open mind instead of putting limits on yourself, the possibilities are endless and may surprise you.  By giving into fear you are paralyzing your free will.

This year I decided to stop being so afraid and take more chances, even if I fail or make mistakes.  Surprisingly because of the chances I have been taking new doors are opening and new opportunities are presenting themselves.  If I hadn’t taken some of the chances I’ve taken this year I wouldn’t be where I’m currently at, especially as far as my dreams are concerned.  The process is slow but I am steadily progressing and improving little by little every month.  I’m just trying my best to move forward no matter how afraid I get or what I encounter.  I sometimes get scared and have to pause or take a moment to re-evaluate the situation and my fears, but I eventually take the next step and hope for the best.

What are you waiting for?  Stop waiting and cease the moment conquer your fears, maximize your potential, and achieve what you deserve.  Nothing is impossible…so don’t limit yourself.  If you run into an obstacle along the way or maybe even reach your limits, just remembering to keep pushing forward.  Try to achieve better and above all do your best, that’s all that matters in the end.  No one can say you failed if you gave it your best.

Where will your potential take you?

Love Katie

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Aspiring Writer & Photographer, currently pursuing my dream of my own business. Add my personal page on Facebook: www.facebook.com/DCKitty or you can also find my pictures & writing on Facebook: www.facebook.com/PassionateFocus.MKO or see more of my photography at: www.flickr.com/PassionateFocus_MKO
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7 Responses to Fear and Failure…Where Will Your Potential Take You?

  1. katherinerussellgarrison says:

    I found your blog over the movie Charlie St. Cloud. I am reinventing me (and I am no spring chick to begin with 🙂 ) but if not when. Fear has kept me down way to long. Good luck

    • dckitty18 says:

      Hi Katherine,

      Nice to meet you! I am so happy that you stumbled across my blog. Thank you for your comment, I love hearing from people that pass by….I hope my posts left you a little changed or inspired. I love sharing my writing through my blog, it helps me reach people I would’ve never imagined reaching. So it definitely means alot that I have a new reader. I was actually even more excited to hear about your reinvention. It sounds amazing. Have you been writing about it? Let me know, I’d love to hear your story. The actual reason I wrote two posts about fear is because I actually read a book awhile back called “The Last Lecture” by Randy Prausch and he said something in the book that I’ve never forgotten….he said “When there’s an elephant in the room introduce him.” — Randy Pausch. He meant that if there was something big that you were either afraid of or having trouble with sometimes the best thing to do, is introduce it. One big thing in my room of life is “Fear” it’s sometimes more powerful than it should be and I’m the only one one giving the emotion that power. So I decided to introduce it and get to know it better. Through writing it helps me to explore and confront my fears. Writing also helps me express that which is normally hard to put into words verbally. Sometimes it’s even a process to help me figure out what I cannot understand myself or what I have been blind to. I also wanted to introduce it to my readers because sometimes people passing through have just the right words when you need to hear them. Not to mention I thought maybe someone else had been going through or had gone through something similar so I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings on it. Thank you for your kind wishes…I look forward to hearing from you more. Best of Luck as well and I’m proud of you for facing your fears and reinventing yourself!

      Love Katie

  2. The good Lord knows life is scary at times, but those of us who take those leaps of faith to achieve new, greater heights will generally be rewarded. I’ve had to re-adjust my mode of thought over the past few years since my divorce, and it’s allowed me to find out some core interests that will not only carry me through the rough times, but allowed me to be more at peace with the limitations I have in life. Remember, Katie..Life is never easy. If it was easy, it wouldn’t be nearly as memorable as a life that is filled with obstacles and challenges. What doesn’t kill us tends to make us stronger and more resolute.

    • dckitty18 says:

      Hey Matt,

      Thank you so much for checking out my writing and my posts. It means alot to me. I’m glad you blew back into my life. I missed your wisdom, wit, and funny stories. It’s hard to face fear, but it’s harder to remember that God is with you every step of the way. It gets hard to imagine being rewarded after being let down so many times. But that is why I wrote this post as a constant reminder for myself and for others. Motivation is a daily practice. And I can’t tell you how often I read my own writing be it my own blog posts or some scribble in one of my thousands of notebooks. No matter how many times you read something the meaning can always change or improve depending on your circumstances or what stage you’re at in life. So I will try my best to give it my all and not stop until I succeed. Even then I’m going to try to stay influential and savvy for as long as I possibly can. I refuse to become close-minded or to become that individual that refuses to grow or change with the times. My writing and my photography is what gets me through some of the darkest of times in life. If it wasn’t for my God given passions I don’t know what I would do w/ myself. Your words are very true and sometimes it’s hard to remember what we’ve been taught to expect all our life. Thank you so much for your comment and all your advice you always give me on facebook. It means the world to me.

      Love Katie

  3. This was good to read while I was waiting for my x-rays to be taken. Failure is a set back, but without it there is no reason to try again and succeed.

    • dckitty18 says:

      Hi Mo,

      I was both surprised and happy to see you stumbled across one of my favorite things in the whole wide world. A place to share my passions. I’m really happy that you check out my writing even if only once in a blue moon. But you made my night by saying it was a good read, I’m happy it held your attention. I hope on the path to success that you’re there to push me every step of the way or watch me as I stumble 🙂 Your comment was very true.

      Thanks old friend 🙂

      Love Katie

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