2 Years Later I Finally Finished Reading “The Time Traveler’s Wife” I Kept My Promise and Just Watched the Movie

You’re probably thinking to yourself “What?! Why?!”, and I’m assuming you’ve already drawn conclusions as to why the title of this post is written as it is.  But your curiosity is still intrigued…now here is my story.  The author Audrey Niffenegger came out with the book The Time Traveler’s Wife in the year 2003.  Slowly overtime this book became one of the most popular books in the industry and became a favorite of many, many readers across the United States.  The film industry later decided to turn the book into a movie that debuted in theatres in the DMV area (D.C., Maryland, and Virginia) in August of 2009.

I had heard many things about this book through word of mouth, through various internet websites, and finally my curiosity peaked when I saw the previews for the new movie based on the famous best-selling book.  I was curious about the plot of the book, not to mention I had always been curious about time travel like most since I was a little girl.  The idea of time travel combined with a love story is quite an entertaining idea and story, as well.  Like many other books turned to movies that had caught my attention and intrigued my curiosity, I decided to finally buy the book and discover what everyone had been raving about.  Upon beginning the book I decided to share my discovery with my best friend Manier at the time.  It was then we decided to read it together.  I also had decided to make it a goal of mine to finish reading the book before I saw the movie.  My goal was to read it before the movie came out in theatres because I originally wanted to see it in theatres, but things don’t always work out the way you plan.

I slowly fell behind in the book as both my best friend and my little cousin Ashley surpassed me in the book, both finishing it.  I had put the book down so many times I continuously lost my place.  “The Time Traveler’s Wife” is not a book you can put down because if you do you’re sure to get lost.  At first glance the book changes the viewpoints from the main characters Clare and Henry so frequently, it’s often hard to follow at first.  Your next roadblock as a reader is realizing not only do you need to keep up with the changing viewpoints but also the changing dates, times, and ages.  This is when you realize you have to keep track of more facets of the story than you have ever encountered before.

At the time I was a few chapters in when life started piling on more work, pressures, and constraints on my free time.  So I had to put the book down and focus on more important things.  I ended up losing the book in my house and brushed off the loss.  I chalked it up to finishing it later or if I was really desperate I’d get another book if I couldn’t find it.  A month later I came across it again and at the time was working passing out flyers at college campuses during the day for the clubs.  I often took metro to and from work during the daytime because not only did it save gas, but also time and money as well.  I decided to turn “The Time Traveler’s Wife” into my metro commute book.  I spent many mornings and afternoons engrossed in that book.  I often couldn’t wait to go to work or leave because I could get back to the story.  Audrey Niffenegger does a great job at keeping your attention as a reader.  Not only does she astoundingly keep your attention but she also elaborately tells you the story of a love throughout time.

I ended up getting a little bit more than half way through the book when I ended up putting it down again.  I forgot about it for quite some time.  Almost two years had passed since I had begun reading the book and I came across it again.  I have a habit of putting books down and picking up a different one where I left off.  This time when I came across the book again I was determined to finish it.  I was tired of wondering and waiting to find out what happened.  I did a pretty good job of stopping others from telling me the ending and all the moments in between that I had yet to read about.  Or of controlling myself from cheating and watching the movie before I finished the book.  But I have to admit, I often came across it on various channels on TV and would always take a sneak peak.  My sneak peaks were equivalent to that of one of Henry’s glimpses in time.  Just to get a taste of what I didn’t know yet.

I finally finished the book early September of this year, 2011.  I was a little disappointed by how slow the pace of the book became towards the end but now I believe I was angrier at the fact that the story was over.  I have to admit the ending was sad yet had a beautiful twist.  If my life were predetermined like that of Clare and Henry I would want something to look forward to throughout time and during the span or course of my life.  Especially if I was aware of past, present, and future events that had yet to occur.  Their love story was beautifully woven web throughout time and it teaches us to cherish all the little moments.  They did not take their time together for granted, despite all of the negativity and adversity they faced.

I have always been curious about the theory of time travel and all of its entities.  I’ve always been curious whether it was possible to change your fate, destiny, or your past.  And whether knowing a piece of your future makes it come to fruition or if it could change your fate.  Henry was correct in the fact that knowing your future will just make you go insane, but is that a risk you’d be willing to take?  And would you take it?  Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if knowing a piece of your future is a blessing or a curse.  I guess it’s like they say, information all depends on how you use it.  But in this situation, is this so?

Most of us are too scared to deviate from the plan but what if by exercising free will or trying to prevent our fate we end up creating our fate?  This is what will forever drive us crazy.  The fact of the unknown, unforeseeable, and the dreaded “What if?”

The way I have always viewed life since I was little was like walking down a dirt or paved road in the countryside.  You are only guided by your instincts, your sense of wonder and curiosity, with the stars and the moon lighting the unknown path ahead of you.  The moon is illuminated by the light from the sun.  While the stars are like your friends and loved ones, some die out, and still effect us years after they’ve burned out.  But with the main basis of the stars is that you can’t always see them at night or during the day but know that they are always there.  Or if you choose so, you can deviate from the path ahead and find your own way, paths, or roads for your journey.

Another way I look at it is most of us are stumbling down a dark tunnel with only a flashlight.  Most of us are so focused on getting to the other side that we often miss what’s around us.  We are often unaware of our surroundings when we are too focused on other aspects.  Some people are too afraid to move for fear of the unknown, they want more, but decide to stay only where they can see.  They are comforted by the sense of the familiar and are use to the conformity.  While others decide to explore or take in their surroundings, meanwhile taking a chance, and not paying attention to what’s in front of them.  While others pay attention to the sidelines and try to stay focused on their goals in life or horizon.  Their dreams and desires.

I do not wish to spoil the book or movie for you but I do recommend reading the book before you see the movie because I believe that the movie is missing a lot of important moments and aspects throughout their lives.  I especially believe that the movie could’ve been longer and covered a little bit more of the book than it did.  In my opinion the movie is like a flash of their life.  The movie is missing a lot of the nitty-gritty and escalating circumstances or moments in their lives.   Whereas, the book takes you in various directions in time in both of their lives and leaves the reader with a better sense of the story and how her life and the story ends at eighty something.  Or just begins with Alba…

Thank you for reading.  I am looking forward to your thoughts.

Sweet Dreams Love Katie


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