Good and Bad…it’s all worth it!

Dear Readers,

I just watched the movie “The Time Traveler’s Wife” for the first time and I was so inspired by parts of the movie that I decided to write a thought as my facebook status.  The thought was as follows:

“Cherish the little moments…don’t rush them…sometimes they are some of the best in your life.  Before you know it life will pass you by…so enjoy each moment slowly or you’ll miss it.  Good and bad…it’s all worth it.  Trust me! –MKO”

One of my best friend Dre responded with:

“I’m a bit skeptical about the bad moments, but I guess it depends on the type of bad moment.”

My response was as follows:

“Dre, some of the worst moments changed me and impacted me in ways I couldn’t imagine.  Granted, it would’ve been nice to have them turn out differently but we rise from the ashes…we learn from pain, mistakes, and negativity.  Some of the biggest in my life are who my parents are and their decisions throughout life, their own and mine.  Growing up with my Grandparents, Aunts, and Uncles instead of my biological parents.  My Grandfather’s death, different friends and family member’s deaths throughout time.  My first love and my first heartache came hand in hand with depression at the young age of 14, the only men I have loved and our trials and tribulations.  My DC nightmare which probably prevented a lot of similar nightmares for other women, and stupid less cautious and more naïve decisions on my part.  My Grandmother’s death and many close scares with it beforehand.  Losing friendships throughout my life for various reasons and circumstances.  The death of my dog Peanut earlier this year, who I had since my Grandfather passed.  And many, many, more to name only a few.  The bad moments and hard times make you who you are.  No one said life was easy.  You just have to stay positive like my Grandfather always said, “There is enough bad in this world without you adding to it or finding more fault than there already is.”  Without bad there wouldn’t be good.  So I know and take comfort when something bad happens, I smile eventually and thank God because good is coming around the corner.  Nothing is given to me in life that I cannot handle alone or with help from God, others, or with time.”

I hope this post changes others thoughts or at least makes people contemplate the thought for a minute.


Love Katie

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