Cooking Inspirations From All Around the World Post #1: “Icecream Cone Inspired Party Cupcakes”

Dear Readers,

I haven’t written, well actually completed a post in awhile.  I have been writing lots of posts but unfortunately haven’t finished them yet and they are still in rough draft form waiting to be published.  Today I wanted to share something that I often do.  Whenever I am online I like to save various pictures and articles for different reasons on my computer.  Let’s just say I am a very inquisitive soul.  There is alot I am curious about or find valuable and precious to save or remember.  Knowledge is power afterall.

One thing I like to do is save random pictures or cooking recipes on my computer to print out for my binder to try out down the road.  I have an account on  (Feel free to join and add me:  Which is a community where you post various collections of theme-based pin-boards each consisting of photos, videos, etc. that are of things of interest to the user.  One of my pin-boards is called “Cooking Inspiration.”  I like to collect pictures of interesting foods, recipes, or ideas from other users that I want to try out down the road when I have time to experiment.

I have decided to start a new group of posts in my blog for readers that would be interested in some “Cooking Inspiration” as I have always been.  I am titling each post “Cooking Inspirations From All Around the World Post #: (inserting recipe or idea)”  This post will be titled: “Cooking Inspirations From All Around the World Post #1: “Icecream Cone Inspired Party Cupcakes”.”  The posts in this collection will be numbered consecutively, so that readers such as yourself can keep up with each inspiration I have found and wanted to share.   My blog is based on “What my heart says…” so the posts from this collection won’t be grouped together one after the other.  Each post may have a few other different posts in between so I recommend using the search bar on my blog to find posts from this idea collection.  In the top right hand corner of my blog there is a search bar where you can type in and search for various posts I have written pertaining to this collection of posts.  Just remember to always change the post # when entering your search.

Today’s cooking inspiration is “Icecream Cone Inspired Party Cupcakes.”  I came across this pic when I was following another user and thought they’d be fun to try out one day.  I had never seen them done before and thought they were a great idea.  The user who posted this picture recipe used rainbow confetti cupcake batter to get the colorful design that you see inside the cones.  I’m currently considering using this inspiration for the cupcakes for my baby shower coming up this summer.  Stay tuned and I will let you know what recipes I end up using.  I hope you enjoy this inspiration and find it as interesting, unique, and scrumptious as I did.

 “Icecream Cone Inspired Party Cupcakes”


(Image & Idea courtesy of:

 Have fun experimenting with your loved ones!

Love Katie


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