Confused & Lost (An old poem)

Dear Readers, 

I was talking to an old friend and he reminded me of some poems that I wrote and submitted long ago to  To my surprise I actually found them from my middle school and high school years.

Confused and Lost

By Katie Monique Mary O’Donnell


I feel alone and lost 
It’s as if everything is out of my control… 
similar to the feeling fate gives you. 
Before I found myself… 
I had been lost, but in a different way 
and when I had found myself… 
it was the most amazing feeling. 
But now I’ve managed to lose myself, 
yet in a new way. 
Now when I look in the mirror 
I’m not sure who I see… 
a marianette…or the real me?


Enjoy…..until I find more

Love Katie


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