Why do they have to leave? (An old Poem)

Dear Readers, 

I was talking to an old friend and he reminded me of some poems that I wrote and submitted long ago to poetry.com.  To my surprise I actually found them from my middle school and high school years.


Why do they have to leave?

Monique Kathaleen Mary O’Donnell


Why is it that when you finally meet someone
worthwhile…they have to leave?
And why is it that when you wish you had met
them earlier…when finally thought
about…you know it’d be a whole different
situation altogether?
But for some reason unknown to me people
come into and leave your life at the exact
moment they’re suppose to
Those people touch your heart in the most
amazingly profound ways…
that even if they leave or they never talk
to you again
for some reason they’ll never leave you or
escape your heart.


Enjoy…more to come as I find them,

Love Katie


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