A Few Words of Advice for Aspiring Writers & New Bloggers

Dear Readers,

I came across a comment from a reader recently on one of my posts and the reader was asking if I had any tips or recommendations for aspiring writers and new bloggers so I wanted to share my response with all my readers because maybe it’ll help or inspire someone to start their blog or follow their dream.  I have more tips or words of wisdom than below but if anyone would like to hear more feel free to email me at: mkatie_odonnell@yahoo.com or comment below:

Reader commented on February 3rd, 2013 and said:

“Awesome blog! Do you have any tips for aspiring writers?
I’m hoping to start my own website soon but I’m a little lost on everything.

Would you suggest starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid
option? There are so many options out there that I’m completely confused .. Any ideas? Cheers!”

My response was as follows:

“Dear Aspiring Writer,

I apologize first because it didn’t say a name and wasn’t sure if your name was Frank. I actually replied via my cell but somehow my first response to your comment got deleted. I wanted to thank you for the compliment on my blog, it means the world to me. I actually have lots of tips for aspiring writers and love to take the time to share my wisdom and advice with others. As well as hear advice and wisdom in return. I first began blogging randomly on various social networks such as Myspace and Facebook for fun or just to share my thoughts when that facet of those networks was popular, but over time the popularity of doing so has dwindled. Not to mention, not many people get to see your writing with everything else going on with either social network. My analogy for blogging on those two sites was like standing in Time Square trying to scream for attention when there is so many other things going on at the same time. Sometimes there are better attention stealers out there. So, I ended up putting the idea of blogging on the back burner. I took time to regroup but I continued to write in journals, random pieces of paper, and where ever and whenever I could get my thoughts out fast enough before losing my train of thought. I’ve actually accumulated a great deal of writing in notebooks and papers since I was little, both handwritten and typed up on my computer. My friends both old and new often come to me for advice or an ear to listen, in doing so I often quote my own experiences or share my old writing with them to help them figure out their situations. That is when I decided to start blogging again. I figured if I could touch my friend’s lives when I least expected it, I questioned how many other lives I could touch with my writing and my words. I realized that most people in my current circles don’t usually get to know the writer side of me and contemplated how many people could benefit from my words. I feared that no matter how much writing I did, it would do no good keeping it to myself. I have lost a lot of friends early in life and this made me contemplate what I was leaving behind. I feared that my words may never be heard or read, or that when I passed I wouldn’t have touched as many lives as I would’ve liked to. This inspired me to want to blog again. But this time around I did my research. My first few attempts were successful but not all the circumstances were right, thus leading to a smaller audience than expected. This time around I was determined to succeed and find the right platform for me to express myself on. I actually consulted my tech friend “Gizmo” who is extremely savvy when it comes to the internet and the best of the best of technology. He actually recommended various blogging sites to start on, WordPress being one of them. The first few blogging sites that I tried though, he liked better than WordPress. But for me as a writer dealing with my situation and my goal…those sites just weren’t a good fit for me and what I was trying to accomplish. I believe WordPress was my third or fourth attempt at a new blogging site. I actually liked it better because it was more along the style I was trying to blog in. When I write, I prefer to see more of a newspaper column format versus the other formats they have out there on the internet.

I strongly recommend WordPress to host your blogging site. I chose and fell in love with WordPress because it is extremely easy to use and maneuver, especially if you are new to any aspect of blogging. Be it writing, blogging, website design, etc. WordPress makes the site easy to manage and understand or learn. I love the multiple facets that WordPress offers as well. Some facets I fell in love with were Stats section, Various Pages, Multiple Blogs, Search Terms Sections, Reader Location Section (I loved seeing what parts of the world I was touching with my words), etc. I was also highly impressed by the fact that they offer a great deal of space for your blogging for free. WordPress only charges you if you want to buy more space once you hit their max limit. I have actually been blogging since 2011 and I am still far from hitting that specified limit. WordPress also gives you the option to go Pro if you like. The other thing that I love about WordPress is that they don’t limit your creativity. WordPress gives you the option to host as many blogs as you like. I am currently and have been experimenting with two other blogs. I have had a few ideas I have always wanted to try and when I have time I work on those blogs little by little, until I can dedicate the amount of time I want to the other two blogs. But bottom line choose the platform that is best for you and what you are trying to accomplish.

Another recommendation I would make is to stop by your local bookstore or even search online for some WordPress Blogging books or just blogging books in general. I was browsing in my local book store and came across a few blogging books as well as blogging books to improve my WordPress blog and experience. Some books I found helped me become a better blogger, some lessons I still have yet to put into action because I haven’t been writing or blogging as much as I would like to because of my hectic life. But I have slowly been implementing aspects from lessons I have learned from the books and it has done nothing but improve my blog, website design, as well as increase my reader numbers. I would also suggest in between your posts that you write posts about something current such as a book you read or movie you watched or maybe even on something that is currently trending. It is an easy way to get new readers and traffic to your blog. If enough readers like what you have to say your popularity in search engines will improve. As well as the fact that the reader’s curiosity will tempt them to check out your other work. I also recommend using tags, especially ones that are relevant or will generate lots of traffic when people use search engines.

Bottom line don’t put it off for tomorrow. Start today! We often limit ourselves and put things on the back burner out of fear or insecurity or lack of confidence or the knowledge to start something. We impose limits on ourselves and make tons of excuses as to why we can’t start today. Circumstances aren’t right or things have to be perfect….well I guarantee a year from now you will wish you started today. Speaking from my own experience, today you are alive and a year from now you never know what will happen. So seize the day, take a chance and remember anything is possible if you follow your heart.

Thank you for your time and enthusiasm,
Love Katie

Keep me informed of your progress :)”

Well, I hope that my words have helped someone find their motivation or inspiration.  I wish you all the best of luck and please as I said to the reader who commented, keep me informed I would love to see where life takes you.

Thank you,

Love Katie


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