About ME

My name is Monique…but growin’ up I preferred to be called Katie…your choice ;).   I am a free-lance Writer and Photographer.  I am currently working on my dream of starting my own Photography buisness.  At the moment, I’m improving my skills and building my experience.  If you’re interested in helping me. Let me know.  (You can contact me at: mkatie_odonnell@yahoo.com)

Welcome to my page…here you’ll find what’s always on my mind and in my heart…this space allows me to be all out there…without fear. This is my story…LISTEN…hear my words and take them in. This page allows me to speak my mind and tell you what my heart says. I’m extremely passionate about writing and I wear my heart on my sleeves.  So if you like what you read let me know…AND IF YOU’VE GOT A STORY TO TELL…I’M HERE TO LISTEN! It’s one thing to tell a story but a different matter to hear one….I’M CURIOUS…WHO ARE YOU?…AND WHAT’S YOUR STORY?

If you’re curious and would like to know more or if you have any questions, feel free to ask. (Feel free to contact me 24/7 via: mkatie_odonnell@yahoo.com)


Love Katie


3 Responses to About ME

  1. Hello Katie

    I just read the blog on Christmas Cards and wish I had gotten to know you better or someone like you. My facebook often has my spuratic emo moment when i feel alone and as if i have nobody to turn to. I know this is just pent up sadness from things I have yet to share with anyone. After these rare(more frequent around holidays)nights of sadness I wake up with guilt, a tiny pea sized tumor. You see I wake up say,” Wow. That was wack”. As the day progresses I begin to think of those whom are still very much involved in my life and how when i get into my moods I hardly give them credit for all the laughs and good times we have shared. I don’t give them credit for pulling me out of the grave I was digging myself into. I get sad because I look around and see people(girls mainly)travel in packs and I envy it. I was always a little bad ass that got send from school to school and i made lots of friends and I think, are they the ones to blame really? I mean friendship is both ways right so perhaps I,ME, I’M looking at it all wrong maybe its not they they didn’t care about me. It could be that i didn’t make efforts to keep in touch.(I’m not too good with separation)I have obviously accessed my approach or lack there of on keeping people in my life. so enough beating around the bush i wrote all this simply to say we may not be close but we wre friends and if anything I’m here for you now and forever because as a friend I’m always willing to bend over backwards and crab walk for all my friends.

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  3. hello =) i enjoyed reading your blog, i’m also a writer, dancer and i singbut church.
    i’ll love to know about other writers and how they write. we each tell a story and help eachother grow. my bloog is http://www.kryssiebbglx.wordpress.com
    and http://www.facebook.com/Loverofdanceandlove

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