Excited Beyond Words

I am an extremely passionate free-lance writer and photographer in the DMV area (Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia).  I am currently working on my dreams of pursuing a career in writing and photography.  I am also working on building my own photography business. (www.flickr.com/PassionateFocus.MKO)  At night I currently work as a cashier, promoter, and event planner for various night clubs in Washington, D.C.

I’m excited beyond words, because there are lots of changes and big things currently in the works.  I’m finally doing it and really pursuing my dreams on a whole other level.   I’m loving every minute of the journey and every step of the way.  All this time I just needed someone to help invest and believe in my dreams and me as much as I believed in myself.  It’s hard traveling a path you have never traveled before and it’s always great to have help along the way.  Especially when the help is experts who can contribute pearls of wisdom to follow or heed.

Over the past few weeks I have been receiving alot of help with my dreams.  My friend is helping me create and build a website for my photography business, while at the same time helping me follow and better understand the process for starting my own business.  My photography business website is currently under construction, but here is the address to check it out when it’s finished:


I am also excited because I received a few new photography books as gifts.  I’m excited and can’t wait to start reading each book.  I look forward to learning all the tricks and new creative ways to improve on my photography.  The books I received are as follows:

  • Exposure: Digital Field Guide By Alan Hess
  • The Digital Photography Book Vol. 1 By Scott Kelby
  • Microstock Money Shots By Ellen Boughn
  • Night Photography By Lance Keimig
  • Studio and Location Lighting Secrets By RIck Sammon & Vared Koshlano
  • The BetterPhoto Guide to Exposure By Sean Arbabi
  • The Photoshop Darkroom: Creative Digital Post Processing By Harold Davis & Phyllis Davis
As I read each book I will be posting lessons or new things I learn along the way.  I love to share my thoughts or progress as I read a book.  So stay tuned for more trials and tribulations.  Feel free to check out my other blog as well “What My Heart Says”:  http://ODonnellKM.wordpress.com
Wish me luck in all my endeavors…fear hear I come…focusing on my dreams and following my heart.
 Sweet Dreams Love Monique “Katie”
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At this moment…

At this moment it’s almost 7AM,  I’m just now getting home from work.  I helped a friend out and then went to breakfast.  All in all a good night…aside from getting lost on a detour because of a road closing.  It’s funny because lately everything has always seemed rush, rush, rush…but when it comes down to it and you decide you’re so pissed off at one aspect of your life that that very same attitude trickles into other aspects.  And you to come to a realization and you ask yourself “why are you always rushing?,  And why can’t today be different than usual?” 

I didn’t start off my night saying I don’t care, or where ever my night leads me…only time will tell.  But it ended up like that…and sometimes nights like tonight are a welcome surprise in the monotonous routine of daily life…

Sweet dreams I’m exhausted….
Love Katie

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I’ve come to realize as I lay awake in my bed…that eventually what every woman wants is to love and be loved in return. Someone she can be with who can love and appreciate her.  Sometimes all we look for is someone we can be ourselves with and someone we can let our guard down with.  Whether we make it official by calling it a relationship or keeping it a secret as friends.  Sometimes all we want is to feel loved and cared about…and I truly believe if even, only as friends and nothing more.

I’ve heard it from both men and women.  People who are gay and straight.  I’ve even heard it from the promiscuous women and the player types.  Or those who say they’ll never get married or don’t want children.  At some point you stop and wonder what it’s like or how nice it would feel for a change.  For some it doesn’t have to be permanent as long as they feel like they’re loved for a little bit.  Then that taste is enough to suffice for the time being.  But like all addictions the feeling comes back.  Your back to nights when your body is finally relaxed, laying awake contemplating what it’d be like to love or feel loved once again.

Just something I contemplate everytime I hear a woman talk about a new man/woman in her life or their current or past relationships.  Something I contemplate everytime I hear someone question their past loves, their current ones, and hear the way they talk about what they want from the future ones…or eventually just from that “one.”

Women and men just want to be happy and eventually they find what they deserve…if even only for a little while.  The taste suffices until they can quench their thirst.

Time to rest these pretty brown eyes…sweet dreams
Love Katie

(Little does my friend know L.W. but you were my inspiration for this post.  You texted me at 5AM one late night after I got off work and asked me why men do women wrong?  Why men treat women the way they do?  You asked me why you couldn’t find love?  You also asked me what was wrong with you?  And so many other endless questions.  My love there is nothing wrong with you mama….you just haven’t found the man meant for you.  Trust me it takes alot of wrong ones and broken roads to find your North Star.  You will know it when you find him no matter where you’re at in your life, you will know, and it will haunt you until you listen to your heart.  He will fight for you just as hard as you fight for him and he will not make you cry, at least not as much as all the others….and he will see you in ways you only imagined or dreamed.  I promise you.  I love you and I am always here for you bestie)

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GOP: Attempting to Pass a Bill to Deny Life-Saving Abortions


(Image courtesy of MoveOn.org)

Dear Readers,

I recently found out from: MoveOn.org that the Republicans are attempting to pass a bill that would allow hospitals the right to not perform a life-saving abortion on a dying pregnant woman.
It is time for our society and youth to speak their minds before outdated bills are allowed to be passed.  Our Government and society needs to move forward, not backward into the Dark Ages.

To speak your mind and sign the petition follow this link (or to share on Facebook, Twitter, or via E-mail):


Here was my short message to the Senators and Representatives:

Dear Senators and Representatives,

I strongly believe it is a woman’s CHOICE to decide to keep her baby or have an abortion.  In some cases it is in the woman’s best interests be it complications, loss of her life, rape, or other various circumstances.  Just as I believe a woman can choose to give up her own life to save her baby’s or so that the baby has a chance at life.  I do not agree with a bill that encourages a woman’s death to prove a point.  Let alone do I agree with a bill that would allow hospitals to let a pregnant woman die rather than performing a lifesaving abortion.  It is cruel and unusual punishment.  Hospitals are to save lives not to torture or demonstrate political stances.

More to to say…just getting started!  Stay tuned for the longer version and more fired up posts and responses,

-Monique K. O’Donnell

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My Blog “What My Heart Says” 2010 WordPress Review

Dear Readers,

This blog “What My Heart Says” is my first true attempt at blogging. When I finally decided to begin my blog it was towards the end of July. I decided to start this blog so that I could share my writing with the world and people it wouldn’t normally reach. I’m hoping this blog will also be a fundamental stepping stone to pursuing my dreams.

WordPress is one of the best blog websites I’ve ever encountered and I highly recommend it. Whether you’re just a beginner like I was or an avid blogger, this is a great site to be a part of. So far I have been a part of wordpress for a little less than 6 months. I just found out today that WordPress and their team of stat monkeys send out reviews at the end of each year for each and every blog. Following this short intro is WordPress’s look back at mine. I believe it’s not bad for less than 6 months of being a member. I still have 8 posts (drafts) waiting to polished and finally published for everyone to read. They’ll be coming soon, promise.

Enjoy & Thank you for reading,
Love Katie

My Blog “What My Heart Says” 2010 WordPress Review

(Courtesy of WordPress)

The stats helper monkeys at WordPress.com mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

Healthy blog!

The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads Fresher than ever.

Crunchy numbers

Featured image

A Boeing 747-400 passenger jet can hold 416 passengers. This blog was viewed about 4,400 times in 2010. That’s about 11 full 747s.


In 2010, there were 24 new posts, not bad for the first year! There were 22 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 10mb. That’s about 2 pictures per month.

The busiest day of the year was November 15th with 144 views. The most popular post that day was Charlie St. Cloud & inspiring poem “Dive For Dreams” By E.E. Cummings.

Where did they come from?

The top referring sites in 2010 were facebook.com, ODonnellKM.wordpress.com, twitter.com, givemefreedownload.info, and touch.facebook.com.

Some visitors came searching, mostly for dive for dreams ee cummings, ee cummings dive for dreams, e.e. cummings dive for dreams, dive for dreams, and “dive for dreams” ee cummings.

Attractions in 2010

These are the posts and pages that got the most views in 2010.


Charlie St. Cloud & inspiring poem “Dive For Dreams” By E.E. Cummings August 2010


For my little brother…a letter I found that I wrote to him when he asked me “Why does life f*** up, when you just figured everything out?” October 2010


Do you ever miss someone? October 2010


Christmas Correspondence (Letters, Cards, News, and Packages of Love) November 2010


About ME July 2010
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Where’s Christmas? (Don’t take this Christmas for Granted)

Dear Readers,

I wrote this December 9th, 2008 and I wanted to share it again at this time of year.  I know some people are currently going through similar emotions or have in the past.  So I wanted to share my thoughts and what I went through with you  I hope you enjoy it.

Love Katie

Where’s Christmas?

Current mood:blessed

It’s 3 O’clock in the morning on December 9th…and as I’m driving I can’t help but wonder and ask….where are you Christmas? December started in a rush and it didn’t quite feel like Christmas as fast as it usually does every year.

Now you can start to feel Christmas in the air and it blesses each town with it’s first kiss of crisp cold December air.  But as I drive down a new street each night….I ask over again…where are you Christmas? I can’t see you. Very few houses are kissed by the glow of Christmas lights, doesn’t anyone feel Christmas in the air?

I see glimpses of Christmas here and there, be it in the warm smile of a stranger or a holiday glow on a passerby’s face.  Or that familiar twinkle in multiple stranger’s eyes.  I see it in kind and simple acts done for loved ones and even deeper in those done for a complete stranger.  I can’t help but wonder did Christmas touch their heart this season?  As I spectate, I can’t help but wonder what each person went through this past year, and what battles they’re still currently fighting.

About 2 weeks until Christmas and I’m still conflicted with mixed emotions. One part of me is starting to take in the excitement and believe once again in the magic of the season and what this month brings.  While another part of me feels alone and shut off emotionally from others and the world.  Almost numb to it all.  I’m confused because my life is changing and I don’t know what direction to pursue.  Take a chance and believe in the spirit of Christmas?  or shut it out and let my emotions pull me down and get the best of me?

I wonder why can’t I feel the warmth of Christmas?  Why does it feel so faint and distant.  Or is it closer than I realize.  Am I not letting the Christmas holiday into my heart?

Two years ago, on Christmas Eve I felt alone…at the time I underestimated what alone meant.  To me alone was without a significant other to pass the night with.  I took my company for granted that Christmas Eve, for only two rooms away sat my Grandmother watching Christmas shows on TV.

One year later, after my family left so abruptly that night Christmas Eve and after my Mom and brother started to feel sleep weighing on their eyes, was truly when I realized what alone really meant.  That Christmas Eve 2007, I realized what alone truly was…as I baked cookies and brownies and sat writing Christmas cards in my empty house.  I realized how much I took OUR last Christmas for granted in 2006.  I didn’t know that year would be our last year decorating the tree or I wouldn’t have waited so long to get it done with my Grandmother!  I didn’t cherish that Christmas the way I should have and now 2 years later after my Grandmother’s passing I regret it more than ever.

This is my second Christmas without my Grandmother in my life and I still wonder if I can find Christmas without her.  She was all I had in my life, for she was the only Mother I had ever known.  To lose your only lifeline is incomprehensible.  It feels as if someone knocked all the air out of your lungs and you’re struggling and gasping for another breath but it just isn’t possible.  The only justified emotion is a simple tear down one side of your cheek.  You can’t even begin to describe the emotion and pain you feel after such a loss.   The only things in Life you have left after such a loss are your memories, thoughts, lessons,…and your regrets.  These things teach you to continue on with life, to NOT take things for granted, to cherish and live each moment with all your heart, and to make ‘em count.

Because when your heart is filled with such pain the only cure is to slowly fill it back up with love.  You learn not to close-up and forget…but to revel and relive the simplicities and better moments, when they were in your life. When they were a part of your life!

There’s something magical and wondrous about this time of year because no matter how bad things are you can’t help but be lifted by the Christmas Spirit.  Even if only in the tiniest form.  Christmas spirit touches you in the most profound ways, at the most unexpected time.  I refuse to be upset. I couldn’t possibly bear this Christmas if I let my problems and sadness drown my spirits.

I’m blessed because I get to spend Christmas in my Grandparent’s house one last time, before we sell it in the Spring 2009. (which we didn’t end up doing) And I’m thankful for my loved ones and for the opportunities and moments that I have experienced in the last year. This Christmas I can only hope and pray everything works out for the best. For I want nothing more than to be truly happy and to enjoy what this month has to offer.

Make this Christmas count and don’t take it for granted….Love always Katie


R E F E R E N C E S & I N S P I R A T I O N

1. Hill, Faith.

Song: Where are you Christmas?

December 2008.


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A person’s heart remembers pain and sadness like a scar from a burn…

Dear Readers,

I was flipping through some old writing of mine in a notebook and since November is about remembering and being thankful for your blessings I wanted to share something old with you.  I’m thankful because I am truly lucky to have my boyfriend and the love that we share.  Despite how hard is always is to trust again after a past of hurt and pain.  So I thank my boyfriend for having patience with me and with us.  Hope you enjoy this:

A person’s heart remembers pain and sadness like a scar from a burn…

8.01.10…Sometimes I wonder if I’ve been hurt and damaged so bad…that I continuously wonder if I can ever live through one day not paranoid someone I love will hurt me or walk away.  I struggle everyday with these two fears and I can’t breathe, for the fear is suffocating and killing me.  The tears fall down like rain.  But no matter how much someone I love eases my pain, I always fear the unforseen.  The forecast for my love life is predicted to be sunny, but I can’t help but fear the chance of a thunder storm.  Where one day of rain goes on for years in my heart.  A person’s heart remembers pain and sadness like a scar from a burn.  The pain hurts so bad you rarely forget that feeling and you are forever cautious.  Got too much on my mind…sweet dreams.  -M.K.O.

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Guide Me To Your Direct Line

Dear Readers,

I have been extremely tired lately due to playing catch up with a lot of unfinished business.  So, I’ve been thinking…November is about remembering and thanking God for your blessings.  So, I wanted to revisit some things I wrote a little while ago, but never shared with the public.  I have learned a lot since I wrote these words:

Guide Me To Your Direct Line

8.22.10…I wish I knew what was wrong…I only wish I could take the pain or sadness away because it’s looming overhead like a dark cloud about to storm.  I try so hard to get through to you and sometimes I can’t find the right connection.  Please guide me to your direct line like a lighthouse guiding home a ship with its beacon.  I wish I could communicate my emotions and thoughts better than I have been.  But I don’t know how to find my way through the unknown other than stumbling clumsily.  My love for you may be beyond your comprehension but I am trying my hardest to teach you the language of my heart and soul.  All I want to do is study the language of your heart and unlock your encrypted ways.  But I cannot unlock what you refuse to open up to me.  Please teach me instead of getting angry.  That is all I ask of you.  -M.K.O.

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Christmas Correspondence (Letters, Cards, News, and Packages of Love)


For those of you who know me well, you know that I lost my Grandmother back in August of 2007.  In case you don’t know anything about me, she was the woman who raised me as one of her own daughters.  Christmas that year was one of the hardest times in my life.  It was hard to find the Christmas spirit when she was no longer physically with us.  It took me all December to find her again and my Christmas spirit.

I believe that when people pass away they leave lots of unfinished business but I also believe that they leave behind little helpful landmines to help those that they have left behind to move on.  By landmines I mean little reminders, memory triggers, distractions, or something that will help ease the mind of the grieving loved one.

I can’t remember exactly whether it was the Christmas of the year she passed or whether it was the following year, but I came across some correspondence.  Most of which was Christmas correspondence.  Letters and cards written between my Grandparents, Aunts, and Uncles, and other family members and friends up and down mainly the East Coast.  Most of the letters were written from our cousins in Everett, Massachusettes or my Grandfather’s mother in Florida to my Grandmother.  I didn’t know my Grandmother use to write so many letters.  I guess I always assumed because my Grandfather was the writer in the family that he was most likely the one to keep up with all the letters and such.  But I was wrong.  My Grandmother exchanged letters and cards often with a variety of family members and friends across the miles.

A few letters in particular that stood out to me were the everyday letters and the holiday letters exchanged between my Grandmother and her mother-in-law.  My great Grandmother had the most beautiful cursive hand writing and she wrote so eloquently.  My first thought was envy and remorse.  Envy because I wish I kept in better touch and wrote as much as she did to family, friends, and loved ones.  And remorse because since the progression of technology and the internet people are less and less in touch with their loved ones.  Our nation’s postal volume has declined over the years not just because of the slow migration of clients to electronic alternatives, but also because of the decline in the economy.  My curiousity was sparked and I wondered how much interest the nation had lost in old-fashion holiday correspondence.  I did some research and according to the Washington Post the U.S. postal volume has sharply declined during the seasonal and holiday quarter, which was previously projected to be the best time of year for the United States Postal Services.

My Great Grandmother’s letters to my Grandmother inspired me to improve on my old-fashion correspondence.  My goal was to send out an unbelievable number of Christmas cards last year, but due to unexpected debt my Christmas goal was downsized.  But this year I get another chance to achieve my holiday goal.  One of my biggest problems every Christmas since I was a kid was always procrastinating until the last minute to write my Christmas cards.  Since I always procrastinated I  never gave myself enough time to complete all my cards, especially to my standards.  I am a passionate writer and part of my goal was to write a detailed letter in every card, longer than your normal Christmas card, to various loved ones across the miles. 

I have recently been working on various projects for Hallmark’s greeting card competition themes and also for my own collection.  I actually want to have a greeting card line one day.  Anyone that knows me will agree that I should already have one by now or in the near future.  Anyways each competition is held a month or two before its projected release date.  So, this inspired me to start my holiday correspondence early this year. 

My first 15 Christmas cards were written yesterday burning the late night oil.  I figure if I complete a projected number of cards each day throughout November and December I will have a better chance of meeting my goal.  This way I won’t feel rushed or stressed out.  Plus, financially it’ll give me time to budget my expenses and plan for Christmas.  It’ll also give me time to plan which to mail and which to hand deliver.  So come early December I will be contacting people for addresses.  Ahead of time, if I missed you I am extremely sorry.  I decided to write as people popped into my head.  When I write Christmas cards I love listening to holiday music and watching holiday movies to inspire and get me into the early spirit of Christmas.

On a similar note I came across a book a few years ago called Christmas letters and it’s perfect to go along with my Christmas goal.  I began reading it awhile ago but never finished it.  So I will keep you up to date on my progress and my status in the book.  I will also share my thoughts along the way both from writing holiday cards and reading the Christmas letter book. 

I hope I inspire someone somewhere in the world to attempt a similar goal, if even only to mail out a few.

Sweet Dreams everyone, just wanted to share one of my new endeavors….Love Katie

I wish you could see the piles and piles of cards left over from previous attempts.

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Sometimes it’s hard to thank someone enough…


Sometimes in life it is hard to thank someone enough be it for their act of kindness, their helping hand, or a good deed when you honestly needed it most.  Sometimes a person is there for you in the most profound way when you thought things couldn’t possibly get better.  Sometimes even just an ear to listen is all we need.  Sometimes we cannot put into words how much an act of kindness or act of the heart has meant to us. Or changed our lives or even made our days better.  Sometimes tears of joy and a tight embrace is the only way we can express our gratitude.  Sometimes we try to repay or express our gratitude our whole lifes, but it is impossible to do so.  While other times we live our whole lives never being able to thank someone or explain or put into words what their act meant to you.

Sometimes we worry and struggle so much in life that it is sometimes hard to keep your head up or even keep the faith.  But every once in awhile, when we least expect it, and sometimes when we need it most or more than we know…someone, somewhere gives us hope.  Someone lifts us up or helps us in some profound way.  When they do so, it is sometimes harder to express our gratitude.

I have had various things happen to me recently in life, that are easy to get angry at.  But with the help of friends and family, things aren’t as bad as they could’ve been.  Like they say sometimes you can’t help what happens to you, but you can help how you respond to it.  Or who you let in, or to help you when you’re down or when things are at their worst. Sometimes bad things happen to us in life to turn our lives around. Sometimes these bad things act as a wake-up call or introduce new people or relationships into your life that you never knew you needed before. Sometimes what you think you need and what you truly need are two different things.

Sometimes we are harder on ourselves than we actually need to be.  We believe we brought things upon ourselves, we believe we deserve bad times or bad luck, or we swear things won’t get better or change.  But with a little love or kindness from a stranger, a friend, a co-worker, or even a family member we can change the way we perceive things.  With a little help or even a small attitude change we can accomplish what we thought was impossible or unachievable. 

People that help you never realize the magnitude of their act of kindness.  Sometimes these angels never truly know how bad things were for you before they came along or how low your life was at that point in time.  And sometimes all you need in life is one act of kindness to turn your life around.  Be it a single moment or even repeatitively thoughout your life.  They in a way save your life and sometimes they’ll never know.

Just a late night thought.  I am thankful for all the help I have received recently when I needed it most.  Sometimes I question whether I could make it through without the angels along the way.  You never know how much you mean to someone and sometimes they don’t know how to express it.  Just keep this in mind…

Sweet Dreams
Love Katie XoXo

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Do you ever miss someone?


Do you ever miss someone?  It’s something I’ve been thinking about constantly over the past few days.  The thought originated when I woke up on my Grandmother’s birthday.  But lately I have been running into a lot of people from my past.  I don’t know why recently, but it definitely makes me contemplate the very idea of missing someone and the various facets of those thoughts.

Thursday October 21st was my Grandmother’s B-Day.  She would’ve been 83 this year, but she passed away August 20th 2007.  My Grandmother was so secretive about her age, that she’s probably rolling in her grave because I publicized something she believed should be kept private.  But I miss her dearly and every year that passes since her demise makes me really treasure the time that I had w/ her those last 3 years or so.  
In 2005 she was diagnosed with breast cancer, polyps, and colon cancer.  We weren’t sure if she could handle it, or if she was strong enough to fight it.  Don’t get me wrong, that woman had one hell of a spirit.  She was fiery and full of spunk.  But we thought breast cancer or colon cancer with the polyps was either going to get her in a combo or one would be more detrimental than the other.  But she definitely shocked and amazed us and thanks to God, fought through and overcame both.

A few years later she was admitted to the hospital because she was losing blood, which is normally a sign of an infection or cancer.  She ended up having an infection but they couldn’t pin point the type of infection.  So they admitted her for an over night stay, that turned out to be a longer stay than expected.  She was also diagnosed with Pneumonia, which weakened her lungs.  Her lungs were so weak that one collapsed and they were forced to put her on respirator.  The respirator was so uncomfortable for her and because of that, her body was rejecting it.  The medical staff was forced to sedate her.  They had to keep her continuously sedated because it was for her own good to keep her alive.  After sometime her body began to fail and unfortunately her stomach began to bleed internally.  This was the day they had to take her off the respirator and one of the saddest days of my life.  I cannot forget her last breath.  She passed away August 20th, 2007 and my life has never been the same

My biggest regret is not getting to the hospital in time before they originally sedated her.  In a way I felt like I never really got the chance to say “Goodbye.”  I had just gotten out of a dance instructor class and we stopped at McDonald’s on the way to the hospital because I was hungry.  It kills me to this day because I keep going over the situation in my head and I still can’t stop contemplating how I could’ve arrived earlier than I did.  But even though it’s in the past and can’t be changed, it still haunts my thoughts.

I was lucky because I got to say “Goodbye” as we let her go off life support.  I know I should be thankful because most people don’t get the chance to be there for someone’s last moment on Earth.  But for my Grandmother, I got the chance.  I also know that some people go years without learning about another’s demise.  Be it an acquaintance, a teacher, a friend, a family member, an old flame, a lost love, or whatever they once were to someone.  The fact is at some point in time they were missed for how they made someone feel and for the type of person they were.  Someone missed their personality, or some facet of the person that they couldn’t quite let go of in their memory.

People are missed for various reasons.  Amongst these are loss, regret, fear, anger, love, sadness, pain, jealousy, and so on and so forth.  You come to realize at a point in your life that reason and cause for missing someone are often one in the same.  While other reasons are completely out of our hands and sometimes we do have “no effect” on the reason.

People often miss what they once had.  Sometimes they regret moving on, while other times it wasn’t their choice.  People believe wholeheartedly they know what they want.  But honestly people only know a mere fraction of what they want and they are often missing the rest of the puzzle pieces to complete the whole picture.  Sometimes what we want from someone or in life and what we need, are two entirely different things.  Some people don’t know what they want until it arrives.  While others regret and miss their past when they just haven’t found what they need yet.  But a person doesn’t know this until it arrives.  Some people learn this fairly quickly, while others it takes years or even an entire lifetime to learn.

I don’t know why things turn out the way they do or why we miss people for the reasons we do.  You can call it fate, divine intervention, destiny, or whatever people believe it to be.  I can’t explain it well at this point in time but it never ceases to amaze me why people blow in and out of our lives.  Or the odd coincidence that paths cross once again.  It’s funny because you can’t help but wonder why?  Sometimes we cannot see the whole web in its grand design and you can’t help but wonder the various choices or paths that could be taken.  Sometimes they are the ones less traveled, while other times they are a commonly traveled road, with lots of traffic.  Sometimes they are full of temptation or risk.  While other times it was the road you should’ve taken or were “meant” to take all along.  That is, if you believe in that sort of thing.  But in the end the choice is up to you.

You can’t help but wonder what life throws your way and the lessons it teaches you or the ideas, thoughts, and choices it provokes you to contemplate.

I’m ending on that note, but if I come up with anything else to add I’ll definitely notify everyone.

Goodnight and I hope you liked what I had to say…

Sweet Dreams Love Katie

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For my little brother…a letter I found that I wrote to him when he asked me “Why does life f*** up, when you just figured everything out?”

Dear Readers,

Last night I found a letter I wrote to my little brother back in October of 2008.  He came over late one night seeking my advice and asked me “Why does life f*** up, when you just figured everything out?”  My response  to my not so little brother was:

Josh, my little bro Christmas of 2007

Dear Josh,

That’s  life…that’s how you know you’re making the right decisions and you’re on the right path…God  loves  to switch up the playing field and make you work for what you want.   If life were easy it wouldn’t be half the journey or twice the amount of fun.  Who wants a straight perfectly paved road?  The potholes  and unexpected bumps or twists and turns is what makes life interesting.  Sometimes not knowing what you’ll encounter along your journey is the beauty of it.
The problems or situations you overcome and conquer are what makes you stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally.  You won’t reap the rewards unless you put in the hard work or effort.  Nobody who is happy ……is completely lazy….you best believe they had to fight for what happiness came to them.
You know what keeps me fighting with the man in my life (my boyfriend) or the dreams in my heart??? …..PAPA (my grandfather)  He told me if you love something YOU FIGHT FOR IT!   GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT!!!   FIGHT FOR THE THINGS YOU WANT AND LOVE!!!  And if you want something you stop at nothing until you get it!

Another man once gave me the second part….if you fight and give it all your heart….and you have nothing left….then no one  can EVER  say you failed!


That’s when you must let go…if it’s meant to be you must have faith in yourself and in your abilities that you have proven yourself, your voice, and heart wholeheartedly.  If it’s meant to be it’ll work…if not…then take the blessing for what it was.  At it’s best and leave the worst behind.  Sometimes the universe makes an executive decision for you.  It may seem like you’re losing alot, when in reality you are gaining more in the long run.  This decision or loss is best for your future.

You wanna know why I still go places even though I’m late???  Because  it’s better late than never.  It’s better to have been there than to wonder the rest of your life if you hadn’t gone or accomplished anything!  I don’t want to wonder!  I can deal with the anger and grudges or disappointment in me at the moment!  What I can’t deal with is the regret of never going….and the constant wondering that insues.  That’s one reason I don’t run from problems.  I take the brut force of the situation.  And sure, silence may becom
e me but at the same time I’m working on it internally and trying to figure it out within my mind and heart.

In the end it is what you CAN live with?  What would you regret doing?  or NO T DOING???   That is the question we face each day and with each moment.

Love your Big Sis XoXo                                                                            
(my little cousin/sister Ashley & I at Christmas 2008)
Even though it’s been a few years since I wrote that note, I believe the words still have an effect to this day.  So I wanted to share them with whoever stumbles across my blog.  Hope you enjoyed them.  Have a good morning!
I’m going to sleep,
Love Katie
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Inspired to start my first blog because of the story of “Julie & Julia”

Dear Reader,

You can be anywhere when your dreams start taking shape and manifesting.  My first time watching the movie “Julie & Julia” I was inspired by the main character Julie, to take chances in my own life.  She inspired me to get in touch with my passion for writing and start blogging.

Julie showed that through your passion you can decipher life and show the world what it’s like through your eyes and the power of blogging and the written word.  The more I post on my blog each week, the closer I find myself to achieving my dreams.  I check my reader stats everyday and I am extremely excited to see the number of readers going up day by day. The more I post and the more readers I see, encourages and excites me to post more and work even harder.  One of the reasons I decided to start writing a blog was to encourage my writing and to slowly take steps towards my dreams.  I also wanted a way to get more people in touch with my writing.  I originally started posting on Myspace and Facebook, but with so much going on in both social networks it was hard to get the following I was looking for.  I’ve always wanted to start a blog but I was always overwhelmed by all the choices I had to choose from.  Which is why I was reluctant towards starting my first blog.  I guess you could say that’s why I stalled for so long.  I like to research my options and make the best educated decision.  I hate to make mis-informed decisions because they often lead to mistakes,  regrets, and wasted time.

In the movie “Julie & Julia” Meryl Streep reminded me alot of my Grandmother who raised me.  She passed away in August of 2007.  When the movie begins there is emphasis on the packed moving boxes, especially the packed box of cookbooks.  I can relate to this because the first real boxes I had to move and first property I owned were my books and my cookbooks.  My books were my pride and joys because of the emphasis my Grandmother put on cooking growing up.  It was one of her biggest passions.  So all throughout this movie, I am constantly reminded of her through Meryl Streep playing Julia.

The first time I heard about the movie, I wanted to try to read the book beforehand.  But I just couldn’t wait!  I’m really happy I didn’t wait because it has inspired a few changes in my life.

Like Julia, I want to make life better and constantly help others.  You cannot do so, until you help yourself.  In the beginning of the movie Julie’s friends were obviously nauseatingly successful.  This bothered Julie, not so much because of jealousy but moreso because she felt as if she hit a rut in her life.  She felt she was going nowhere fast.  It got so bad, that her friend surprised her by writing an excerpt about her in a book that she was writing to get published.  An excerpt that turned out to only remind Julie of her past successes and how much of a failure she has become since then.  Thus only reminding her and reiterating what she has already realized herself since her last successful moment in her life.  Except this time, the realization was publicized.

This public insult encourages and lights a fire under Julie that inspires her to write a blog. She continues to determine what topic she should write about in her blog. This is where I couldn’t make up my mind for mine. I couldn’t decide on one topic to write about. So, I decided to blog about whatever my heart says.

My blog is an attempt to put myself and my words out there to be heard. I’m hoping it’ll be good practice for writing for a newspaper one day and if not, at least I’m strengthening my writing skills. In my blog I love to write about whatever crosses my mind from thoughts and poems to articles, research papers, or random information, and inspiration. I want people to know the “me” not too many people get to hear or see. Who I am inside and what crosses my mind. I’m curious as to what doors it’ll open, or what encounters and interactions I will experience. I hope to change at least one person’s life or make a difference. Maybe even inspire someone or prevoke thoughts or writing. Who knows where my words will take me. Possibilities are endless. I truly believe nothing is impossible.

I love how in the movie Julie shares her thoughts, feelings, revelations, and struggles through her blog. It’s a genius idea. This is what truly inspired me to take my first step in writing mine, to finally take a chance. She put herself out there for the world to judge her.

She encountered many skeptics but never let them discourage her. Julie even received a call from her Mom questioning her blog. Watching this movie again, now I find it funny because my family questioned my blog the same way. So that, in my opinion, is a sign I’m on the right track. The second indication I’m on the right track is that I shared the mutual feeling that I was writing out into an abyss. I was just as curious about my readers as Julie was about hers. I guess it is a common affliction that comes with writing a blog.

I also found it highly impressive that Julie made it to “#3 in the topic of most popular blog” on Salon.com. I could only hope to achieve a similar form of success. Well, my eyes are getting tired so I think it’s time to get some sleep.

Pray for me and keep reading,
Love & Sweet Dreams Katie

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Do you ever contemplate the difference you can make in another’s life?

Do you ever contemplate the difference you can make in another’s life?  I’m not just talking about the effect of your presence in their life everyday or the type of bond or connection that you share.  I am talking about actually making a difference and changing their life in maybe the biggest or most minimal way.

I went out walking late last night and as I walked I don’t know if it was the fresh air, but thoughts were flowing quicker and clearer.  As I was walking through the neighborhoods I saw run down bikes and beat up cars.  I mean cars that weren’t new with dents or aestheitic damage, but damage that needed definite fixing or repairing.  Sometimes I wish if I had enough money or were rich enough so that I could help people out unexpectedly.  I’d help people, I’d help friends, best friends, acquaintances, strangers, or even strangers I’d met in passing or just heard about through someone else.

I don’t know if I’m the only one but whenever I’m out and about in the world, especially when I come into contact with others more so strangers, I’m always curious about them.  If you could listen to the magnitude of thoughts that pass through my head in a mere few minutes per person, you would definitely be intrigued.  I have a habit of questioning who a person is, what their story is, where they are from, what they’ve been through, what struggles they have overcome, what they aspire to be in life, or even what they want out of life or to obtain both personally and in the career world.  I often wonder what their day or days are like and what each one holds or contains for them.  I wonder what they are currently dealing with or what burden(s) they are carrying.  I even wonder what has made them sad or cry, or even smile today… or even recently.  Sometimes I even wonder what it would be like to be on the other end of that smile.  I wonder what is it like to see his/her various smiles through the eyes of their family, friends, significant others, acquaintances, co-workers, admirers, or even strangers.  What does it feel like as that person to make them smile or to see his/her smile?  What difference does their smile make in someone’s life?

Sometimes I wonder if levels of compatibility, or whatever weird systems and odd check lists we have in our heads and ingrained into our societal ways, were cosmically right just once to experience whatever you wish to be compatible with the other person for.  Basically if you were given a chance you wouldn’t normally be given what would it be like?  Let me explain.  When you meet people sometimes right away or down the road you know who will be a good friend, who will be a good person to carry on a conversation with, who is a good person to ask for advice, you even know who you can’t stand talking to or who annoys you in a matter of minutes, etc. and so on and so forth.  We often know these things in a matter of meeting someone, sometimes first impressions tell all while other times we are wrong in our impressions and ways of thinking.  We learn this when situations or circumstances change unexpectedly.  For example the days where you wouldn’t have talked to that person in greater depth if say your car hadn’t broken down or if you two didn’t get partnered together for a project, etc.

I can’t help but wonder the most random things about people.  Sometimes I wonder what it’d be like to be someone’s friend or to actually hold a deep conversation with them.  I mean what if you were one of the rare people whose compatibility matched up and equaled the measurement of someone who would be able to have a good, long, deep conversation with them.  I’m always curious about people’s lives.  Where have they been? What have they seen?  What have they accomplished?  Where do they come from?  Where are they headed in life?  Amongst a million other questions yearning to be answered in my mind.

When I use to take the bus and metro all the time, I always met the most interesting people.  It was always the older ones that had the most interesting stories or things to say.  Sometimes it was funny because if I was going through a tough situation in my life or I was having trouble solving different problems, I often ran into a stranger who would tell me a story similar to my situation.  Call it weird coincidence, fate, or divine intervention…call it what you may, but it happened to me alot.  Who knows maybe I just read into things too deeply, but listening to a stranger always helped to ease my mind and often helped me figure out my problems.

Interactions throughout my whole life with various types of people has always intrigued me and ignited my curiousity. Growing up, I was always the type of person who was genuinely caring or always extremely helpful. My family always told me that nothing was impossible as long as you believed and worked hard to achieve it. No matter what types of discouragement you encountered. Ever since I was a little girl, I had always wanted to change the world and make a difference. If even only in a minimal way.

I’m deciding to take a chance and start the ripple effect today. I call it the ripple effect because once you make a splash the ripples multiply and the distance that they travel in a matter of seconds is extraordinary. I’m going to start small and then go bigger as I gain more experience. I want you dear reader to do the same. Find a way to make a difference. Even if it’s small, give someone a compliment or a word of encouragement, give someone a ride, help out a family member or a friend, or even help a neighbor. Whatever makes you smile, put an idea into action and just follow your heart. You’ll know you have the right idea by the reaction of the receiver. But sometimes the best way to be giving and generous is anonymously. Sometimes it’s like a fun little game where no one can figure it out, but they can’t stop thinking about the act of kindness. No matter how small or big, you have impacted their life and made a difference for the better.

My first act is for a divorcee. My family gets together for dinner every Tuesday and I was passing by the kitchen when I happened to hear a story my aunt was telling to her sisters. I don’t know what caught my attention but I couldn’t help but listen to every word. I had a bunch of things to do before work, but in this moment…nothing was more important than that story. She told a story of a close friend, his wife decided to leave him without any warning. She packed up everything one day when he was at work and took everytthing before he got home. She didn’t even leave him a plate to eat on. The man is 60 years old and what touched me the most was something he said. The man said I’m too old, my heart can’t take this and I don’t know if I can get through this or do it all over again. I felt sad for him. My aunt had nothing but good things to say about him. Which made me feel like he deserved some kindness or at least a reason to smile, even when it was pouring down rain in his life. I wanted to do something for him. I have been contemplating things for weeks. I decided to send him an anonymous card saying how highly he was thought of by someone and I thought he should know. I also sent him goodies baked with love. I’m still contemplating what else I could do. If you have any ideas please share.

Don’t forget to take a chance and change someone’s life. Keep paying it forward and passing on your love and kindness. Thanks for reading.

Sweet Dreams…
Love Katie

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Call me a kid…or an old lady. It’s your choice.

In case you know nothing about me,  I love to stay up as late and as long as possible.  I am 23 years old and there is still something that excites me about making the most of every minute of night time until first light when dawn breaks.  I don’t know what it is that excites me so, but ever since I was little there was just something magical about night time.  It always lasted for so long, it almost always seemed endless.  Night time growing up was like a sanctuary from the world and life itself.  When night time came around, most people were asleep early because of work, responsibilities, or just because they were getting older.  So I grew up eager for night time and its endless possibilities.

I use to stay up late getting lost for hours on the computer, or in a good book, or even busy scrapbooking, or lost in other creative endeavors.  I used my nights to catch up on new movies as well as replay old ones.  I would often use night time as time to unwind, a place I could escape to where no one else would bother me or be constantly nagging me as most grown-ups do to kids growing up.  When night time fell, it always felt as if life was in slow motion.  I spent countless nights exploring my passion for writing and photography.  I strongly believe my passion for both is stronger because of the amount of time I put into my endeavors each night.

I will be 24 years old in January and I still LOVE staying up late and being more active during night time hours versus daytime hours.  I still feel as if time isn’t as rushed or cut short.  I’m currently writing in my journal and I’m listening to Disney songs.  I don’t know why but I was in the mood to hear some songs from the various movies.  Sometimes they create a sense of euphoria for me which in turn prevokes and inspires random thoughts.  I was the type of kid who grew up listening to an ecclectic selection of music to go sleep to or as a soundtrack for whatever aspect of my life from exciting to mundane.  I was one of those creative types in school who leaned towards music, foreign language, sports, and whatever clubs I could jam into my already busy schedule.  I forget the word for those types but that was me.

Call me a kid but I love my Disney Songs and you can call me an old lady because I have an appreciation for oldies and ballroom music because of my grandparents, aunts, and uncles raising me.

I originally said call me an old lady because I stayed up til 10AM after working at Lima Night Club to work on my friend’s wedding pictures, but as I became more and more sleep deprived my body began to ache like never before.  Starting to feel the effects of weird sleep hours and minimal sleep.  But still not ready to surrender my nights.  I love staying up late too much.  But eventually I will have to surrender them to my dreams to pursue a day job.

Alot of people consider my thinking childish or naive.  But sometimes I wonder if my thinking is sometimes ahead of the ones making these comments.  I strongly believe my mind is more open than theirs, thus in turn making me appear childish because I have not come to the same conclusions as most adults in society.  Sometimes I wonder if that makes people call me a kid.

It’s ironic because growing up I had wisdom beyond my years and grown-ups couldn’t comprehend the full range of my comprehension.  They just assumed I thought like the typical kid, when in fact at an extremely young age I was educated in ways you aren’t educated in until you experience the world as you grow older.  I believe for the most part this is because of the strong adult influence and honesty I was raised around in my life growing up.  Most adults would be surprised by what thoughts or conclusions would exit from my mouth because I sounded alot older than I was.  In their eyes they were shocked and confused because contrary to popular belief I sounded as if I understood more than society believed children truly could comprehend at my age.  The disbelievers would brush the idea off as quickly as it crossed their mind and assume it was just their mind trying to make it true versus actual comprehension.  While every once in awhile you get the eccentric or unique adults that despite how much they have grown-up or have been influenced by society, they still keep their minds open to the unknown.  These adults open their minds to the possibility children may understand more than originally assumed and once open and willing to listen they are surprised to hear what these children have to say.

Like the famous quote:

“There is an exception to EVERY rule.” -Unknown

But even that can be argued, we will leave that for another post!  😉

Regardless of what anyone thinks I am who I am.  In many ways I am wise while in others I still am nieve and need to learn and grow.  Any person has this dilemma.  What is expertise to one is unknown territory to others, etc.  Bottom line it’s all your opinion and what you believe and in the end what you like, that matters.

Sorry to leave you so abruptly but I’m falling asleep typing this up on my cell phone.

Good Night Everyone,

Love Katie

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My Aunt Colleen is a Savior and a Godsend…

Now, hopefully faster than you think it, I’ll beat you to your first thought…NO! I’m not sucking up!  I am genuinely blessed because she helps me with everything and in every possible way a person could be helped.  Her act of kindness today was a surprise gift of Microsoft Office (Mac Edition) and Norton Internet Security (Mac Edition).  Two purchases I was dreading to add on to my already medium sized mountain of debt made up of IRS back taxes, MacBook Pro Laptop, and other miscellaneous bills.

Upon purchasing my MacBook Pro I forgot all about the pure and simple fact that I have a Sony Vaio Desktop and a MacBook Pro Laptop.  I have no idea why, but somewhere in the excitement it slipped my mind!  So all my programs need to be Mac compatible.  Which put a pause on my Photoshop editing away from home.  But I’m saving and budgeting to pay off all my debts and also so that I can purchase both my necessities and my luxuries.  That is why by my Aunt Colleen purchasing two programs I needed most it was a Godsend.

After I eagerly installed both programs, I immediately began using my Microsoft office.  It was like giving a writer their first pen and paper or better yet their first journal.  That describes how excited I was to utilize the program.  I think the best part was that I no longer had to type in the Mac’s version of notepad.  The no zoom on font was killing me.  I had to make all fonts bigger because the small print was killing my eyes.  I may have great eyesight for seeing up close, but the Mac font size 12 was killing my eyes when there is no zoom in the program.  It looked like a clause on a contract, like reading the fine-print.  It was so frustrating but those days are over thank God.

Small blessings often help me out immensely.  She even blessed me last Christmas with my Aunt Kerry and Uncle Sean when they all chipped in on my Christmas gift.  They bought me Photoshop CS4 so that I could maximize my potential and my dreams.  They helped with the tools and now it is my job to build my future.

Just wanted to share my excitement and also to publicly say thank you,

Love Katie

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It Pays to Promote Yourself and Take Chances on Getting to Know As Many People As You Can


(A picture of the order on the monitor.  Nothing fancy but it’s a start, fun yet inviting and playful.)

It’s 7AM and I came home to get my laundry sorted and to organize some paper work that was scattered throughout my room.  When I remembered my order.  A week ago I purchased a Skin for my laptop from http://www.skinit.com.  I decided to create something that would promote myself and my writing and photography.  You never know who you’ll meet or whose path you’ll cross and what doors it’ll open or where it’ll lead.  Besides it’s always fun and interesting to meet new people and hear their stories.  I love how many people you meet via social networking vs. everyday life.  It opens your world and changes your views and insight constantly.

One of the best things and pieces of advice anyone  ever gave me was to “Promote Yourself.”  People need to get to know who you are.  They need to get to know the various facets of your persona and gain a more personal connection or have a better understanding of you.  It’s like they say, if you don’t love yourself first how can you expect anyone else to.  You have to give people your all and put your whole heart into your efforts despite where it may lead you.  Hit or miss…at least you took a chance and put yourself out there.  How do you think people get noticed or become well known?  You gotta start the talk and it may seem like no one is listening or even pays attention but when you least expect it someone will come out of nowhere and take you by surprise.  They’re listening and they’re watching so don’t stop putting yourself out there.  NO FEAR…remember?  I know it’s easier said than done, but what’s stopping you?

Sweet Dreams I need to get some well needed rest, after all it’s football Sunday time to relax with loved ones and be lazy 😉 NIGHT

Love Katie

New addition to this post (added September 21st, 2010 @ 7:30PM):

I came home to go to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory with my aunts and cousin before work and to my surprise, my Skin It order was lying on the dining room table.  I was so excited.  My anticipation had been building up because it had been a week since I ordered it, but it was well worth the wait.  I was proud to find out that the clarity was better than expected.  When I had viewed the proof on the computer I feared that the coloring and font of the letters were going to get lost in the background picture.  But to my astonishment they didn’t and my design came out well.  Thank God!  I’m so excited.  I only hope this will open more doors for my writing and photography.

I’m so excited! I just can’t hide it! (Singing the old 80’s song)

Sweet Dreams,

Love Katie

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Work Smarter, NOT Harder (watermark lesson for my photography)

After a tedious night of working on my friend’s wedding photos, I decided to take a break and search for a tutorial to make my work easier.  I’m so picky that I was individually adding watermark to each picture in different colors and sizes.    After going through hell I succumbed and was desperate for a tutorial for watermarks.  Even just a simple one to make my watermark a little more pleasing to the eye.  After the tutorial I created the water mark for my dream company but I cannot use it until I register my business name.  But I wanted to share this guy’s website because he seems full of great insight:


Thanks for the tutorial!  It was extremely helpful and got the creative juices flowing.

Love Katie

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8 million years later…FINALLY bought my MacBook Pro…possibilities are endless


I know half of you reading are in shock because I’ve been researching laptops for quite some time now.  I bugged and bombarded people for months with questions and inqueries about Apple laptops versus other various brands.  No matter how much I tried purchasing a cheaper model from one of their competitors I kept feeling disatisfied.  Everytime I built up or added on to each model the price came closer and closer to that of an MacBook.  It felt hopeless.  So I decided to go for the best and most recommended for my career and major, a MacBook.  As I saved up more and more money each week to purchase my dream laptop, I continued to research my choices in specifications.  I asked so many people, you would’ve thought I was taking a census. 
So months later my Aunt finally helped me finance my MacBook Pro on Wednesday.  It has been a dream of mine since Middle School or High School.  I had originally wanted a laptop because it was more convenient to use to type up my writing and papers for school versus writing things down on paper, or in a journal.  Also by typing it in one attempt versus writing then typing it up afterward saved time. Plus, internet was at your fingertips no matter what your location.  I also took pride in the inspiration that with a laptop at your fingertips the possibilities are endless.

I don’t know what it is about a laptop but it’s the perfect medium to express myself through.  Not only am I excited because I can finally organize my immense writing collection but it also encourages me to write more.  I’m excited about my laptop as well because now I can focus on pursuing my dreams more impetuously.  I just believe owning a laptop will help me open and unlock more doors and opportunities in the future.

I want to work on designing and writing my own greeting cards or entering competitions.  I want to organize my writing collection.  I would like to write more old fashion correspondance versus writing an e-mail.  I want to explore the various outlets I can pursue to achieve my dream.  Be it writing articles as a free-lance writer, to working for a branch of the media, or possibly even doing non-profit or working solely for experience.  The possibilities are endless. 

Also in case I never mentioned it I’ve always wanted to own my own own photography and greeting card company.  As long as I can combine both my passions, I’m happy.  So I’m pushing hard for those dreams. 

I also see my laptop as an opportunity to excel and broaden my horizons in my current job field, as far as promotion and networking is concerned.  There is a lot I want to accomplish and I believe the best way is to put yourself out there and promote yourself and your words in as many ways as you can.  I’m hoping someone will take a liking to my passion and maybe take a chance on me which I hope would lead to my dreams.

Well it’s time for bed, I’m falling asleep typing…Good Night everyone.  And Good Morning to those just beginning theirs…
Love Katie

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All anyone needs is a chance to prove themselves…

People want so much more out of life than the chances or opportunities that are given.  I’m not talking about opportunities missed everyday, but more so opportunities in the career field.  I don’t know if it’s a preconceived notion or even just stereotyping, but I believe people do not give hardworking and dedicated individuals a chance to prove themselves.  To really color outside the lines and take chances on their ideas and dreams or however the individual has envisioned improving everyday performance in the company.  I don’t believe enough managerial departments take a chance on their foundation.  The very legs the company has stood on for years.  Sometimes I feel like the best candidates for the job at hand are overlooked. Do me a favor if you own a company look at your employees that have been there the longest in each department.  Look at how many after hours they put in (be it overtime or time past their usual clock out time).  Look at how much free time they put into the job.  Then look at who is always there for you when you need them the most.  Then think about who always saves the day in one way or another.  They are the ones who have been with the company through hell or high water and they are the ones who will bust their ass to make your company better or excel in the future.

Yes, no one was there when it all began and foundation begins with the dreamers, investors, business owners, managers, etc.  But sometimes I wonder if managerial departments get so use to a worker being specialized in a certain field that they become blind or ignorant to the worker’s other talents and dynamics.  I believe if each worker was either given better direction or more appreciated it would encourage excitement, passion, and more hardwork.

A wise man once said when no one is worried about the credit anything can be accomplished and the possibilities are endless.

I believe the same is true for workers if you take good care of them and encourage growth and progress, they will bust their butt for you.  The fruits of those labors will be bountiful.  But are you willing to take a chance?

Just a thought before bed…night
Love Katie

(What inspired this: I overlooked one of my co-workers when contemplating who would be a good candidate to run front door at the club I work for.  When I thought about it I understood why managers overlooked him but I believe he can prove himself and maybe raise a few eyebrows in a good way…he’s amazing behind the scenes wonder what he could do center stage.)

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