Post Collections

Dear Reader,

I have decided to write and feature various collections of posts throughout my blog.  I decided to do this because I couldn’t decide on one main topic for my blog which is why I titled my blog “What My Heart Says…”  There are various topics of interest in which I have a lot to share and post about, but not everyone is interested in the same posts.  Which is why I decided to showcase the names of each collection below as well as using a post # for each collection so that it is easier for readers to keep track of that which they are most interested in.  Be it for the moment or for long-term followers of my blog.

Collections of Posts

  • “Cooking Inspirations From All Around the World Post #: (inserting recipe or idea)” For those readers that are interested in a little cooking inspiration, this is a collection of random pictures and recipes that caught my interest throughout the years that I wanted to try out down the road in my spare time.

  • “Maguyver Resources, Tips, Tricks, & Techniques Post #: (inserting Resource, Tip, Trick, &/or Technique)”  For those readers that are interested in ways to be resourceful when it comes to solving everyday problems we encounter in our lives.  This collection ranges from resources, tips, tricks, & techniques about everything and anything, even cleaning.  (One ex:  Submerge your cell in water?  Drop it in the pool?  No need to buy a new cell, to fix a phone that has been completely submerged in water, look at Post #1)  Everything I post in this collection I have learned from other’s mistakes or trials and errors.  This collection is a plethora of knowledge that people are unaware of or were never taught growing up.  So I wanted to share my pearls of wisdom so that other’s lives are easier.

Stay tuned for more collections to follow.   If you have any questions or problems feel free to contact me via e-mail:


Love Katie


Feel free to check out my other blogs:

  • Passionate Focus M.K. O. (Monique O’Donnell Photography)  This blog is about my trial and errors as a photographer and writer.  Learning one lesson at a time and pursuing my dream to become a successful photographer and writer.  In this blog I write about every experience, opportunity, and lesson so that my readers and clients can get to know the woman behind the lens, as well as learn a few things about photography along the way. (Still a work in progress)

  • Courage of My Convictions  This blog is about my goals and other various aspects of my life where I need to have the courage of my convictions to excel, succeed, and overcome.  My goal for this blog is to inspire others through my words, trials, and tribulations.  (Still a work in progress)

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