What’s your story?

After reading my about me, you have a small idea of who I am.  But I am curious about you.  I began this blog to not only get my words heard and touch other people’s lives but also to get to know new people.  I want to open new doors and windows in my life.  I want to embark on new journeys and adventures.   And go places I’ve never been physically, emotionally, or mentally.  Broaden my horizons, open my mind, and expand my world.  I want to meet new people, new readers, like “YOU.”

I see my blog stats almost everyday and I can see there are new readers or constant readers but I never get a hint as to who they are.  I would like to meet my readers, whether you’re subscribed or just passing through.  I want to hear from other writers or for you to direct me to other pages and blogs.  Be it your own or ones you recommend.  Maybe even a post you recommend.  It doesn’t even have to be on wordpress.com.   I am apart of many social networks and would be extremely interested in whatever you would like to share with me 😉 I promise.

You can even contact me via e-mail 24/7 if this is more comfortable for you:


Like I said before…”IF YOU’VE GOT A STORY TO TELL…I’M HERE TO LISTEN! It’s one thing to tell a story but a different matter to hear one….I’M CURIOUS…WHO ARE YOU?…AND WHAT’S YOUR STORY?”

Waiting to hear from you so don’t be afraid, take a chance, and make it count,

Love Katie


4 Responses to What’s your story?

  1. Cloud Himura says:

    The world enslaves who we are and only the soul has the power to brake these chains. We need only to listen to its call, whispering to us from the lips of angels, or screaming in the voice of demons- We make our own self, temper the mind and nurture the heart, until you are more then you ever dreamed.
    Cloud Himura
    I support what you said and feel the same way, words like a feather should be free, allowed to be carried far on the endless winds of time. Godspeed and may you meet many amazing people. Best wishes.

    • dckitty18 says:

      Hi Cloud,

      This was beautifully written and well said. You are very poetic and you have a gift with the written word. I wis you nothing but the best in your future endeavors. You seem like an amazing soul.

      Thank you for your words,
      Love Katie

  2. Kerry says:

    Who am I? That’s a question I don’t have the answer to. I am a wounded heart. I try to be hopeful. I wish I could touch people with hope and healing through my music or writing. I feel stuck. I am trying to get unstuck using various self help ideas. its silly, but I always thought I would do something special, important or maybe unique with my life. I haven’t and it weighs on me. I am very poor (financially) and it chokes me. I suppose it shouldn’t but I’m only human. So here I am responding to you. Whoever you are……

    • dckitty18 says:

      Dear Kerry,

      Thank you for taking a chance and replying. You sound like a deep soul dying to break free. My Grandfather taught me how to write when I was 7 years old and ever since it was always my gift and outlet to express myself. I could write and express myself in ways others wished they could. The same way I envied artists who could draw what they envisioned. Throughout my life my writing has always helped me in many ways. I have learned new things about myself. Through writing be it in journals or random thoughts or pieces of paper you discover sides of yourself and pieces of yourself that you were unaware of. I started my blog because I didn’t want to die one day and have my writing never be read. I know that as I was growing up I often googled various things and often took comfort in other’s words or pages all over the internet. My blog is “What My Heart Says…” because when I write it is when I can be without fear. I can speak my mind and people don’t have to like it or agree with it. I strongly believe you should start a blog if you haven’t already.

      I was inspired to start my blog after seeing two movies, the first was Julie & Julia (I wrote a post about that as well in my blog). While the second was “Confessions of a Shopaholic.” I loved both movies because they never imagined the impact their words would have on strangers or to even the incredible feedback from writers or even just in the numbers of readers everyday. I started my blog a year ago and I have already met so many amazing people, heard so many stories, and they are all people I would’ve never met if I hadn’t written what was in my heart. Blogging for me is not only an outlet but a way of experiencing the world in a whole new light. I always say…you never know where your writing, your words, or even your ideas and dreams can take you until you take a chance. My first post was “Fear here I come…” and my second follow up post was “Fear and Failure…Where Will Your Potential Take You?,” both I believe you should check out. They may help a little.

      In the second movie the girl decided to remain anonymous as she wrote her post for her blog as “The Girl in the Green Scarf.” Which is another one of my ideas in progress. I want to write an anonymous blog and see where it would lead. I suggest to you that you start a blog if you haven’t already. Write about what matters to you, what’s in your heart, and what makes you happy. You’ll be surprised where it takes you or even who you’ll meet. Make a goal like one post a week of every 2 weeks. You can also incorporate your music in the posts or on your blog. You should create a youtube page or soundcloud page for your music. Then you can promote yourself on all 3 pages via your blog, your youtube, and sound cloud. I promoted my blog via business cards and anytime I met someone I told them I wrote and took pictures. Figure out what you want to write about each week and just let your words run away with you. Writing may also help you discover yourself, your dreams, hopes, wishes, fears, emotions, and more. You will definitely touch lives you have already touched mine.

      If you don’t mind me asking why are you a wounded heart? My heart has never been the same since both of my Grandparent’s passed away, but writing and pursuing my dreams has helped with that over the years. Self-help books aren’t silly I have piles and mountains in my room. It’s actually one of my favorite sections in the book store. I can even recommend books, not your typical ones but books that will inspire and touch your heart. Like “Tuesdays With Morrie” or “The Last Lecture,” etc. I understand where you’re coming from I was there and have been there multiple times. I am still working on my dreams both as a writer and as a photographer, amongst many other dreams I have.

      If you always thought you would be something special, you already are you have a deep heart. And you’re not dead yet so there is always time. Show the world who you are and tell your story. Tell us what your heart says. I know it’s hard to be poor take me for example I only make about $16,000 a year working at night clubs at night. And I make some extra money w/ my photography. So I know it isn’t easy, but you can change that. You can change your financial situation slowly. Make goals. Figure out what aspects are choking you and talk to a friend or brainstorm yourself how to change them. Sometimes we are not as poor as we think, you may be richer in other ways that you are blind to right now, such as your children, friends, family, your lover, or any other aspect of your life that makes you happy. My Grandfather always told me as long as you have air in your lungs, clothes on your back, and a roof over your head, and love in your heart for your kids, fam, friends, or someone else….you’re richer than you think. Life can always get worse, so try to stay positive and think about all your blessings. Sometimes we need help to see things differently, whether it’s in a different light or from a different angle.

      Who knows maybe when you start your blog, you will attract people who will pay you for doing what you love to do. Some bloggers get paid to write. Why don’t you try checking out the blogging section at your book store. Or even a WordPress Blog Book. You may be surprised where it takes you. You don’t need money to have an impact on others just a good heart and an idea. Some examples are the pay it forward idea, ripple effect, or various other projects that started out as an idea and have impacted the whole world. A blog I read about recently was on man’s blog: 365 Strangers/365 Days By Richard Radstone – Photographer, Commercial Director, Film Maker Blog (http://richardradstoneblog.com/365-2/) it was about a girl who started a project. You can check out her project here: http://allspunout365.wordpress.com/

      Well I’ve got to run and go to dinner but I will back looking forward to your response 🙂 I’m running a little late because I really wanted to respond to you and as you can see my words have run away with me.

      Talk to you soon,
      Love Katie

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